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Up Close and Personal with

"Cajun" David Richard

[Picture of David Richard]

Chances are, if you have ever called in a question or conflict with Ambrosia's shareware you have already met "Cajun" David Richard. Cajun is the official voice of Ambrosia, dispensing sage advice and removing your digital bacon from the fire. Not many shareware companies can offer full time technical support. Ambrosia feels lucky to have him at his post day in and day out, we hope you do too.

Please note: It has been brought to our attention that The Ambrosia Times does not pursue interviews with same amount of dirt digging diligence that is now standard for the media. With this latest interview we try a little harder to get to the "good stuff."

Ambrosia Times: The first question that comes to mind is your nickname "Cajun." When did you become "The Cajun" and how did this come about?

Cajun: Well I'm not "The Cajun" but am one one of the Cajuns. I was originally born in New Orleans, and moved to Lafayette, Louisiana soon after. Much of my heritage is there. And, yes, I can cook.

Ambrosia Times: How long have you worked at Ambrosia, and what brought you here?

Cajun: I've been here for about a year now. I have always been impressed with Andrew's success in what is a very unique market. The shareware concept is one that is before it's time, and I wanted to get involved with it.

Ambrosia Times: Is technical service a full time job at Ambrosia? What other work crosses your desk?

Cajun: I handle a variety of things for Ambrosia. The main thing, aside from assisting our users, is the maintenance of all the online forums and libraries that we have. We now have forums on four online services with hopefully one more on the way, and two libraries for internet file transfer. My next set of goals is to increase our exposure on the Internet. I wouldn't mind an eMail address of Cajun@ambrosia.com. Oh yeah, I also clean the machines, feed the animals, answer the phone, and serve as office photographer.

Ambrosia Times: So that is your velvet voice I heard when I call in. How would you compare Ambrosia's technical service department with those of the software giants?

Cajun: Aside from the fact that there is only one person doing it, there are some other major differences on how people are treated. When one calls or writes in, there is no check to see if she is registered. To us, everybody who calls is a customer, present or future. We won't refuse technical service to anyone if they aren't registered. Usually, many of the people who call have just received the program, and are trying it out. We can't really refuse service to them.

Ambrosia Times: It is refreshing to not hear a machine instructing me which button to push when one calls in. Are you able to simulate people's problems in order to solve them.

Cajun: Usually. But sometimes the problem is hardware specific, and I cannot simulate a problem if I do not have the equipment. Of course, there's always make-believe.

Ambrosia Times: Some of the questions you field are pretty bizarre. How did you get to know so much that you can come up with most of the answers?

Cajun: Well, the first thing I do is not try to know it all. If I am not familiar with a person's problem, I will let them know it, and maybe we can both work it out. I have learned a lot in this past year, and much of my knowledge has come from working with, and educating the customers.

Ambrosia Times: Have you ever been stumped?

Cajun: Oh yeah! Ask Andrew.

Ambrosia Times: Do you like men's locker rooms?

Cajun: I don't really have a problem with them. I do have a problem with the lockers themselves, they are usually too small to hold a bicycle helmet. Why do you ask?

Ambrosia Times: Which program seems to be the most worrisome?

Cajun: Easy Envelopes. It's the most popular, I think. And many people are awaiting an upgrade. Learning the Macintosh Operating System is quite the task, and it has taken me longer than expected. But, I am happy to say that I now have a Mac at home, and I feel that my education will accelerate because of this.

Ambrosia Times: Is it true that you have been maimed in a very guyish area?

Cajun: Why yes, a hunting accident. Hey, how did you know that?

Ambrosia Times: Nevermind. You are responsible for collecting input for upgrades, how does this work?

Cajun: We keep a database for bugs and suggestions. When it comes time for a product's upgrade, we simply print out the records for it and go down the list.

Ambrosia Times: Why do the Guaranteed Student loan people have such a high bounty on your head?

Cajun: I don't think that is any of your business.

Ambrosia Times: What do you have to say about the rumor circulating that are the man behind the recent New York State mandatory bicycle helmet law?

Cajun: Nothing!!! You're one sick person! Are you seeing a psychiatrist? Is this interview over??

Ambrosia Times: Well folks, you heard it here first. Next issue we hope to have Princess Diana give details about her internet love triangle with Fabio (definite DOS dude) and George Burns (a Mac man).

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