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Hints and Tricks

by Ambrosia Gamers
This section is dedicated to helping you score better on Ambrosia's games. Ambrosia's arcade classic, Maelstrom, won the ZiffNet/MacUser Shareware award for 1993. Chiral has been honored with the same award for 1994.

If you have some original hints on game play, send them in. If we print it, we will include your name on our list of review contacts. You will be sent a copy of Ambrosia's next game for your preview before general release. Be the first kid on the block with the latest Ambrosia mind bender.

Chiral Icon Chiral

Here are some helpful strategies sent in by one of Ambrosia's registered Chiral users. Thanks Susan!

When working to build two molecules of at least six atoms, be building several molecules at the same time. Keep a couple of six atom configurations in mind; such as:

Letters represent atoms of a particular color, R=Red, B=Blue, G=Green, and P=Purple.

R R		B
G G	      B P B
R R		R

If you don't, and build as you go, molecules are apt to get very large before you can satisfy them. Also, might as well have your "rejected" atoms working for you in the beginnings of another molecule.

Another hint: Remember that any time you are waiting for two blue atoms to place next to each other, two red will work as well, such as:

	R R
	G G
	? ?

can be satisfied with

	R R		R R
	G G	or	G G	
	R R		B B

Thanks again for the great game. I appreciate having the opportunity to play a good game that doesn't involve shooting and killing. -- Susan

Well Susan, you and the rest of all of the budding MacChemists will appreciate Chiral Basics. This is just a little extra set of directions, simple diagrams and hints about the program. We realize that Chiral has a steep learning curve. Game play is not as easily grasped as in Maelstrom. So we are compiling Chiral Basics as an auxiliary set of instructions. It will be available before the next issue of The Ambrosia Times.

Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom

Thanks for all the hints. It is amazing what a little strategy can do to ones game.

Cluster fire: Here's a tip for producing a burst of fire that will cut through even the toughest asteroid. Thrust and fire simultaneously, in a straight line, so that a bunch of ray-zaps pile up on top of each other -- they'll arrive at the target at about the same time, kind of like a burst of pellet from a shotgun. -- C.A. Gillespie, IV

Thanks again C.A., this is the second suggestion from the set you sent in. If we were to publish all of them, our users would be maxing out on their Maelstrom scores!

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