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Kudos and Criticism [Mailbox]

by Ambrosia Software Users
This section features reader response to Ambrosia's software & service. We will include the good with the bad, and address any problems brought to our attention. These are real people, writing real letters about real issues. Feel free to drop us a line.

Late Mail

We have received a number of calls from people looking for their registration codes. We recently revamped our in house database, and this has delayed mailing somewhat. Our apologies for this temporary inconvenience. Now we are back up to full speed.


"Help! Each time I get over 100000 points on Apeiron, my Mac locks up. It always happens when I have the machine gun and have had it for quite a while. Is it me or my Mac or the program? I need the high score to beat my 13 year old and his friends."
-- Deb Bradley, Nebraska

Let me guess. Right before you crested 100,000 points you are invincible (sprinkly shield mode) too, right? This is the sneaky little bug we call the Sprinkly Shield bug. It happens when you are dishing out so much death and destruction that you give your Mac a case of the brain cramps.

Currently, we're hard at work squishing this one. We had some trouble duplicating it, but now have a better handle on things and this particular nasty will not survive the soon to be released Apeiron 1.0.2.

"I just purchased a CD-ROM with your product Apeiron on it at a local software store. Now Apeiron says I have to pay again. Why should I pay for a product I already bought?"
--Disgruntled Caller

Close to 100 third party public domain distributors are authorized to include our shareware on their products. These folks include Mac Home Journal Online, MacUser Japan and The Software of the Month Club. Ambrosia receives no payment from these distributors to include our software.

We require the distributor to state on the packaging that some of the included software is shareware, and that the buyer is obligated to register the programs that they wish to use.

This arrangement benefits the third party distributor, Ambrosia, and the customer. The distributor is able to include software that his customers will find useful and entertaining. Ambrosia is able to extend its reach to Macintosh owners not linked to an online service. The customer is able to, for a nominal fee, preview large amounts of software and only pay for what they want. I think we have all brought software home only to be disappointed in the products capabilities or performance. And we all know how difficult it is to return opened software to a retail vendor.

"Swoop is simply marvelous, addictive and a stress reliever. I intend to make Swoop a mind-reflex exercise for all my employees before they start work every morning."
--Aainaa-Ridtz A.R., Malaysia

We are glad you are pleased with it. Blowing off steam at little Swoopers is probably much better for business than releasing the stress on customers and co-workers. Hmmmm. I smell a thesis paper. The application of Swoop in the work place to relieve stress. We'll make millions from the U.S. Postal Service alone...

"Please do not release my name or address to any other mailing list."
-- Anonymous by Request

Ambrosia considers itself a customer driven company. We have received this request, or ones like it, often enough to know that most folks do not want their information splashed around. Never fear, your secret is safe with us.

"This is my second game from Ambrosia. I also purchased Maelstrom. great games, best shareware! In these days of very expensive software, your programs are a fantastic value. I am a fan!"
--Scott Steinman, Illinois U.S.A.

hanks Scott. It is a two part relationship. As long as folks keep registering their shareware, we can keep the prices low. We really appreciate your continued support.

"I thought I was too old to enjoy such games. Now I find I'm addicted. Terrific stuff!"
--Charles Godbold, Australia

We're glad you're enjoying Maelstrom. Younger generations should not have a monopoly on good solid fun.

"I hate those booting-up alerts which give me such a bad conscience :-)
--Mats Adelsberg, Sweden

The notices are meant to be friendly reminders. Though sometimes they do resemble freezing cold steel spikes of guilt, that are being hammered into your very soul. Relief is always just a phone call away.

Seriously, we notice that far more registrations come in for products that are equipped with the reminder. Not that people are dishonest, just easily distracted. It's a small wonder that I remember my pants every morning.

"Great game [Chiral], very addictive... Might be nice to be able to turn the time limit OFF and ponder all kinds of connections in peace...
--Kal Bosse

Interesting idea. The practice mode is slow, but still has a time ticker. Sitting back and considering the pros and cons of each move might be interesting. Sort of like playing yourself a game of chess. I will mention this idea to the developer folks.

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