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Swoop High Score Contest!

Ambrosia Software, Inc. is running a Swoop high score contest! When you get a high score in Swoop, you'll be given a 10 letter high score code that'll allow you to enter your score in the contest!

The contest is underway and will end December 1st, 1995, so get your score codes in quick! See below for more contest information. Now onto a breakdown of this month's top scorers in the Swoop High Score Contest:

As of 10/20/95

Rank         Score                 Name               
1           703,640             Michael Garrison
2           367,120             Alan Houser
3           352,500             Ben Iseman
4           328,300             Chris Greene
5           321,940             Nic Poole
6           318,260             Tracy Miller
7           314,420             Mark Starlin
8           285,280             John Smit
9           222,140             Francis Sheehan
10          220,680             Paul White


27 38,900 Bernard Sadowski

There is still plenty of time to enter the contest, so crack your knuckles and get those codes in! You can mail, fax, or e-mail them to us; see below for our address, fax, and e-mail information. You must be using Swoop 1.0.1 or later to get the high score code, and should send in just the code (not your score), and your name/address that you used when you registered for Swoop.

The top 50 scores will receive a cool Swoop/Ambrosia T-shirt; cash prizes go out to the top 3 scores as follows: 1st place: $300. 2nd place: $100. 3rd place: $50. Send in as many score codes as you like; we'll use only the best score you submit. You must be a registered user to enter the contest, so please include your name/address along with your score code so we can check our database to make sure you are registered.

            Ambrosia Software, Inc.
            PO Box 23140
            Rochester, NY 14692

           Tel: 716.325.1910 (technical support)
                800.231.1816 (orders only)

           Fax: 716.325.3665

America Online: AmbrosiaSW
    Compuserve: 74777,1147
        eWorld: AmbrosiaSW
         GEnie: AmbrosiaSW
      Internet: help@AmbrosiaSW.com (technical support)
                register@AmbrosiaSW.com (orders only)

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