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Table of Contents

By clicking on the Go To Icon next to each chapter heading, you'll have instant access. Click on the Table of Contents Icon found at the bottom of each page to return to this page and the Exit icon will whisk you to the Finder. Browsing is also possible by using the window arrow keys at the bottom of each page, or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

[Go To Icon] About This Newsletter -- Cover page and general information about this document and Ambrosia as a company. Come and meet the gang!

[Go To Icon] Info. -- Legalese and distribution information concerning The Ambrosia Times. Sign up now for your free subscription!

[Go To Icon] What's New -- New products, world wide web information and a way to get cash back with every shareware registration (courtesy of Discover charge card).

[Go To Icon] President's Letter -- Future plans for Ambrosia's new World Wide Web site.

[Go To Icon] World Wide Web -- We are one with the web. Come and check out our new cyber digs.

[Go To Icon] Swoop High Score Contest -- The competition is getting as fierce as a Shadow Swooper with a bad hang over.

[Go To Icon] Software Showcase -- Eclipse 3.0.0 is the first of Ambrosia's products to go native.

[Go To Icon] Kudos & Criticism -- The good and the bad, here is your chance to see how Ambrosia handles customer input.

[Go To Icon] Escape Velocity Preview -- Escape Velocity takes you on an odyssey through the universe.

[Go To Icon] Up Close and Personal -- Matt Burch, the omnipotent supreme being of the entire Escape Velocity galaxy beams in for an interview.

[Go To Icon] Barrack Preview -- Barrack's beastie balls are out to get you! Hide and divide!

[Go To Icon] Ramblings -- How the technological revolution impacts fast food service, or how to increase your longevity and waistline at the same time.

[Go To Icon] How To -- Ambrosia's Technical Services Manager shows how to use Eclipse's new slide show functionality to preview picture files from the web without memory hungry graphic applications.

[Go To Icon] Eek A Bug -- The most common questions and concerns folks are having with Ambrosia's new Eclipse product.

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