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by John Haley
Ambrosia is now one with the world wide web. Although our products have been available for some time at various Internet sites, we think having one central location will allow us to serve you better.

This article provides a taste of what our site is about, visit:


For our ftp site, the URL is:


Our new Web site offers one stop shopping for the latest version of all of our products, web pages of each chapter of every Ambrosia Times newsletter, and a closer look at the people who make Ambrosia what it is today.

Although dedicated to Macintosh evangelism, we invested in a powerful Silicon Graphics Indy machine as our server. We've noticed that some real cool sites on the World Wide Web sometimes get a little crowded. The SGI allows plenty of room for everyone, and also allows us to include a lot of other items of interest not directly related to Ambrosia.

We have put a lot of thought into the layout and design of our site, but Web sites are made to be dynamic and continue to grow and change as needed. We welcome comments and feedback.

Send us your thoughts at:


[Screen shot of WWW page]

Ambrosia's Web site is composed of several different sections that you can navigate to from a central page (above). Below is a list of sections, and what you'll find there.

[What's New
Icon] What's New? -- Late-breaking news on what we're up to here at the Ambrosia home office!

The Ambrosia Times only comes out every other month. Sixty days is a long time in the software biz. This area is the best place to go if you want late breaking news, and previews of what is coming in the future.

Icon] Ambrosia Products -- Here you'll find descriptions of all of Ambrosia's products, as well as the latest versions for downloading!

Ambrosia distributes all of its products as shareware. This area is the showroom floor. Come on in and take our software out for a test drive. Descriptions of each product and fully functional unregistered versions are kept here for downloading.

Icon] Online Registration -- Register your Ambrosia Software, Inc. products via the web!

Besides the using the phone, eMail registration is the fastest way to get a response. We gather all eMail orders each weekday morning, process them during the day, and send out registration codes that evening. Registration codes are usually received 24 hours after your eMail your registration.

[FAQs Icon] Ambrosia FAQs -- Got a question? Odds are you'll find an answer in one of Ambrosia's Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) pages.

Ambrosia's full time technical support staff is here to answer your questions and concerns, but this collection of FAQ documents covers all of the most common question's we receive about each product.

Looking over FAQ documents for software you are using is a good way to avoid problems before they happen.

Icon] The Ambrosia Times Library -- A librarian's dream: all of the issues of Ambrosia's free electronic newsletter, The Ambrosia Times, available for your viewing pleasure.

If you like this newsletter, there are a bunch more you may be interested in. This section contains previous newsletters view able as web pages and also downloadable versions you can page through at your leisure.

[In Touch
Icon] In Touch -- Get in touch with Ambrosia Software, Inc.

Not sure how to reach us? This section shows you how get in touch with Ambrosia using everything except a Ouija board.

[PRs Icon] Press Releases -- Every press release we've ever issued, available for your browsing pleasure.

Edit a MUG newsletter? This section is just for you. We've posted all of our press releases in one place for your convenience.

[Thaumaturgy Icon] Thaumaturgist's Lair -- "Come into my parlor" said the spider to the fly...

Curious about the folks behind the scenes here at Ambrosia? This section contains personal Web pages for members of Ambrosia's tight little family. We also invite you to "tour" our office.

[Links Icon] Cool Links -- Links to other cools sites; some useful, some entertaining, other just bizarre.

What would a web page be without links? There is a lot of other sites out there that we think are downright nifty. If you are interested in doing a little cyber spelunking, this section is for you.

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