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Software Showcase

Software Showcase - Bubble Trouble


Ambrosia Software Releases Bubble Trouble: Squish the Fish!

Contact: Andrew Welch
Ambrosia Software, Inc. 
PO Box 23140 
Rochester, NY 14692
Tel: 716.325.1910 
Fax: 716.325.3665
Rochester, NY -- October 23rd, 1996 -- "OK Mr. Fishy, your days of suavely swishing around the fish bowl are numbered! That's it... come here... just a little more... SQUISH!! Haha! Eat seaweed fish-breath!" -- Blinky the teenage mutant goldfish.

Welcome to Bubble Trouble folks, the latest game from Ambrosia in which cutthroat fishies are playing hardball in a squabble over some very wet turf. Think of it as splatball for insufferably cute seafaring critters (hey, they need their fun too).

Bubble Trouble's world is filled with lusciously-drawn cartoony critters who give that cranky crab from "The Little Mermaid" a run for his money. But money isn't what you'll be running from: an otherwise peaceful fish bowl has been filled with bubbles that are being tossed around in an enthralling game of "Squish the Fish!"

Yes, it's squish or be squished -- and there are plenty of would-be squishers just waiting for you to get your feet wet: Piranha and starfish and eels, oh my! But don't worry little fishy, there are plenty of power-ups and goodies you can hook your fin onto to give you a bit of an edge.

Bubble Trouble is sure to extort squeals of delight from children of all ages, accented by the game's engaging sound effects and disturbingly perky music. But when the clock strikes midnight, remember: "Just one more game."

Bubble Trouble is the proud offspring of two guys with funny accents (David Wareing and Alex Metcalf). Granted, when two guys get together, the result usually ends up being football, crude jokes, and awkward scratching -- but not this time!

WARNING TO MEN: Guys, Bubble Trouble is one game that your sweethearts are likely to kick your butt from one end of the tank to the other. If your relationship can't handle the strain of seeing her name plastered all over the high score screen, please refrain from getting Bubble Trouble.

WARNING TO WOMEN: Your beau might not be able to handle getting stomped (the fragile male ego, and all that) -- it might be best to let him win a few times. Tell him what a manly man he is, etc.

Ambrosia Software, Inc. - publisher of award winning programs for the Macintosh - distributes Bubble Trouble and a full line of utility, productivity, and anti-productivity (game) software through America Online, CompuServe, and the Internet as shareware. Unregistered versions of Bubble Trouble on disk, and other Ambrosia Software products, can be obtained by calling the Arizona Mac Users Group (AMUG) at 602.553.8966.

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