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Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips - Bubble Trouble

by The Bubble Trouble Beta Testers

From the files of Bubble-Trouble.com, comes a helpful quick guide to help the Bubble Trouble beginner.

Bubble Trouble is a very easy game to learn, yet hard to master. There are several techniques and strategies that can be used to overcome the troubles you'll face. First, let's learn...

The Basics

The first thing to learn is how to push a bubble. In most cases, the push button will be the space bar. For more info on how to change keys, check out the Getting Started page. Once you have an enemy in the line of fire, push the bubble quickly. Waiting might leave enough time for the enemy to get away.

Pushing the bubble.

Next, you need to learn how to collect the gems together. This becomes very important later on when you go for high scores, during contests, etc. To collect the gems, push the gem filled bubbles at each other. When you push one gem bubble into another, they will fuse. Once you have pushed all the gem bubbles together, you will get a bonus of either 1000, 5000, or 10000 points, and the enemies will be captured in bubbles!!! If you push the gem bubbles together, and they are joined on the perimeter of the playing area you will only get 1000 points. Also, be careful when you push the first gem bubble into the other, a starfish might hatch.

Fusing all the gem bubbles.

A very important part of Bubble Trouble are the bonuses. Occasionally, bubbles containing bonuses will float upwards. When a bubble starts to float up, a sound will be made notifying you that it's coming. When you hit a bubble, the bubble will burst into stars, and the bonus received will float upwards for few moments.

Swimming towards the bonus "E".

Tips from the Beta Team


- Remember you can kill the enemies before they hatch.
- Try to join the jewels only if you have time.
- Don't sit still if you bounce a rubber bubble.

- Jake Rodkin

Advanced Players:

- Form a narrow corridor with bubbles and get the baddies to go inside of it. Then, kill 'em and look for a nice multiplier at the next level.
- Take advantage of the weapons at hand. Use the purple bubbles when you see a lot of baddies around your area and when there is a nice path for the bubble to bounce. Hopefully the path will be the screen's width. That way, the purple bubble's double bounce will take out a lot of baddies.
- The same goes for dynamite bubbles. At higher levels where the dynamite gets more lethal and has a larger blast area, don't push it away. Light the fuse and try to attract as many baddies as possible. Just watch out for yourself!

- Bryan Chan

Bonus Bubbles

Bubble Trouble is rich in not only graphics and sound effects, but also with the bonuses that are offered. In this section, we will go into detail about what these goodies look like and what they do.

Bonus multipliers will often appear after you have pushed all the gem bubbles together, although they can appear in other instances. The multipliers range from x2 - x5. (The multiplier will figure your bonus at the end of the level.) If you collect a bonus multiplier, an icon of it's value will show to the right of your current bonues amount. If you collect one multiplier, then collect another, the last one collected will replace the previous one, regardlesss of its value.

Bonus points found in a bubble, if caught, will simply add their value into your current bonus amount. Try not to miss these!

Bonus letters will add the letter enclosed in the bubble to the word extra located in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. If you already have that letter, then nothing will happen. Once you have collected all the letters to spell the word EXTRA, then you will receive 10,000 points.

Catching this bubble will render Blinky invisible for a short while. When you are invisible, you cannot pass through bubbles, however you cannot be harmed by enemies. Be careful, though. Blinky will start to blink when the effect starts to wear off.

This bubble will not directly affect Blinky. When you catch this bubble, about 10 blue rubber bubbles will appear. This means that when you push them, they hit a wall, and bounce back. A blue bubble bounces once, and a purple one bounces twice.

Capturing this bubble will, in turn, capture all the enemies in green bubbles. However, these bubbles are not as strong as regular ones, and the enemies will eventually free themselves.

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