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Kudos and Criticism

by Ambrosia Software Users


This section features reader responses to Ambrosia's software & service. We will include the good with the bad, and address any problems brought to our attention. These are real people writing real letters about real issues. Feel free to drop us a line.

Avara Avalanche

First off. Avara kicks ass!!!! I haven't played anything since networked Marathon that has given me such an enjoyable gaming experience. Now if the beta testers would just quit slaughtering everyone that comes up against them :).

- Doug Wilson

I know how you feel. The testers are ruthless. Beware of them when you are out prowlin'.
Congrats to you. You've created a game that every software publisher should envy. It runs great on my Quadra 605 (with 20MB RAM), which in itself is quite an accomplishment--I had to trash Havoc, too slow!

I really can't get over what this game accomplishes. I'll be registering pronto. Of course I can't play worth crap... Mazeltov!

- Cindy

Thanks! Avara takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of the game, you'll discover many different ways to run away.
My hat is off to you for what you are doing with Avara.

Not just the program itself, although it is a good one -- it does exactly what it was advertised to do and it does it with surprisingly few bugs for an initial release.

What I am congratulating you on, rather, is for supporting the game in the manner in which games should be supported. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard -- or said -- that (INSERT GAME) would be (INSERT CONSTANT) times better if only the damned makers would get off their duffs and create a web site, provide some links, initiate an IRC channel, etcetera.

Well, you guys have done all that. I downloaded Avara the day it came out, and have just now had a chance to start really looking at it. I decided to first check your site to see if any bug fixes were out in the last couple weeks before I started playing, and lo! I find avara.com (!), a full-blown handle registry and hyperarchive, even an IRC channel-- all born apparently full-grown and dropped in my lap.

- Chip Seraphine

Well, that Pentium thing has got to do something, right? Actually, being an online company gives us that ability to be "right there" for the customer.
What are the coolest features of Avara?
Could it be that rockin' world map?
The fact that you can put a picture of yerself on your roster entry?
The fact that when you log into a game, your entire record comes with you?
Avara Commuter, the handy utility that makes yer record portable?

Or gamewise, is it the fact that you can make your HECTOR do the Highland Fling?
That you can kill your scout and leave the camera in one place?
The particles of stuff that fall everywhere when you shoot stuff?
The wicked architecture & physics (Food Chain, Slick)?

Or designwise, is it that the game scripting is object-oriented?
You can design incredibly detailed levels with software that comes free with a Performa?
The AI for enemies is wickedly complex?
You can design your own objects?

Huh? What is it?

- Sean McCann

Sean, you must seek out the answers to your questions on your own. Begin by looking within your being. The answers will come to you...
It's quite possible to get a network session of Avara going where everybody does the Macarena. Instead of using your arms, just shoot to the beat, then do that cute jump thing to the side, etc... Sorry. :)

- Name withheld for author's protection.

This hasn't stopped here. Music has been created and from what I hear, you will be able to download the Hector Macarena Video! Coming Soon.

Hector Harrassment

I was looking around in a vocab book, and I found Hector... It means: Bully; intimidate with threats; bluster. (from Hector, bravest of the Trojans)

- Edward Adams

Hector must know how to read. I think he knows this.
Hi Andrew, I'm writing about Hector. That's right, I'm writing in regards to the bird. He has become a very famous and recognized symbol of Ambrosia (Cap' n Hector of EV, H.E.C.T.O.R. of Avara, he has his own page) and I believe that he should have his own interactive identity. What I mean by this is that someone should play his role in Internet society. It'd be much better that way, you could E-Mail him, he'd be playing Avara, and unless you tell, nobody will ever know who's playing as Hector he he he. :-)

- Alex Turner

Hector already has an eMail address, Hector@AmbrosiaSW.com. In fact, I came in one day to find Hector logged on to the Internet. He quickly hit his Big Cheese Key when he saw me.
I've registered ----- I want that sucker back so's I can either kick his butt or draft him to my side (don't know which, yet.)

- Gregory Jones

Hector's only doing his job. Besides, he loves to fly (being a bird an all), so the spaceship is a lot more than he expected. He may have gone overboard ;)

EV Oddness

I just figured that I'd drop you a note telling you how many hours I've wast- er, invested in Escape Velocity. I consider it among the top games that I've ever played. Good Lord, it's fun!

Anyhow, I have what you could call a very odd request. It's trivial, but, in being so, should be pretty easy to do. Now, chuckle if you like, or declare my state of sanity invalid, but give me a listen. Would you be willing to, somewhere in the game (be it a mission text dialogue, pers comm string, outfitter's descript, anywhere), include the word 'woot.' Yes, woot. It's a silly word, and very meaningful to me and the folks on RoA. Um, it can be used as an exclamation of joy (I blew up that nasty Matt Burch Kestrel! WOOOOOT!!!), a greeting (Hey, you! Woot!), or a verbal assault full of silliness and mirth (*lifts you bodily by the coller and shouts, 'WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!'*). Yeah, it's silly. Think you'd be willing to throw it in somewhere? *woot*

-Tom Boyer

I think this can be done using plug-ins. See the How To chapter in this issue of The Ambrosia Times.

And one more

I was looking at the Ambrosia Times newsletter page, and there is a picture of 4 Ambrosia folks, Andrew, Gayle, Cajun David, and Toby, all sitting on a sofa. All of them had their legs crossed to the right except Andrew! Just like "Abbey Road"!

- Mr. C

Yep, and the next picture will be modeled after an old Molly Hatchet cover. We have the battle axe on order.

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