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What's New

by "Cajun" David Richard

Bubble Trouble hits the water with a splash

Got your flippers? Got your snorkel? Good! David Wareing and Alex Metcalf have created a lighthearted and entertaining game that folks of all ages are sure to enjoy. Check out the Press Release and the Hints and Tricks the beta testers have put together later on in this issue.

New Product Sites

Along with the release of Bubble Trouble, Ambrosia has opened up new Web sites for Bubble Trouble and Escape Velocity. We decided that since we had that Pentium thing in the office, we might as well put it to some good use. I still feel a little wierd dusting it off.

Bubble-Trouble.com is run by Etienne Pelaprat, one of the BT beta testers. (thanks Etienne!) Bubble-Trouble.com will hold an extensive collection of information about the game. Here you will find the story of Blinky, hints and tips, and alternate sound files for your listening pleasure.

Escape-Velocity.com will be managed by Jay Tingley, former author of the "Unofficial EV Web site." We thought Jay's site should become "official." Welcome Jay!

A New Developer and a New Project

Ambrosia has recently teamed up with Mac programmer Glenn Andreas in what is yet to be another Ambrosia venture into the RPG game genre. Glenn is a talented programmer who has been at it for over 14 years. He has done everything from printer drivers to unix based Internet firewalls (he won an award for one of those!). Some of his work includes Theldrow, a role player that gained a cult following back in the 80's, and more recently a problem solving puzzler called Blobbo. After a lot of work developing several different major engines, he has come up with a very promising one, one that will soon become his next game, Delver.

Those of you who really dig adventure games should listen up! Delver takes the best of many overhead view tile based games and combines it with the abilities of a 3-D engine to create a world where your imagination is the only limit. With up to 8 counterparts, you will explore new worlds, and encounter many new adventures. Glenn is also working on an advanced interface for this game; including a central "One Finger" interface with a unique usage of windows and menus to make the adventure, not a cumbersome interface, the center of your experience.

Although Delver's engine is just about complete, we still have a lot of work to do in creating the adventure that you will embark on. Stay tuned for previews of the game in future issues of The Ambrosia Times. However, for those of you who just can't wait, Glenn has provided a little more information for you. Swing by Delver.com for a little sample of what we have in store.

Snapz Pro

Work on Snapz Pro (now renamed simply "Snapz 2.0") is proceeding well. This PowerPC-native screen capture program started as an upgrade to our original Snapz screen capture program, but has evolved into an entirely new beast.

Snapz 2.0 takes screen capturing programs to new heights in terms of features, ease of use, and compatibility. Snapz Pro matches -- and usually exceeds -- the funcationality of commercial screen capturing utilities that cost more than twice as much.

The screenshot above gives you some idea what Snapz 2.0 offers in terms of features; we'll do an in-depth treatment on Snapz 2.0 in an uncoming issue of The Ambrosia Times. Snapz 2.0 will enter beta testing at the end of November, and should be released in early December, if not sooner!

New Avara Levels

Avara Collection 1 is the first in a series of Avara level sets, assembled into a collection, and officially released by Ambrosia. Most of the maps have been contributed by Avara users. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

There are four different sets of level files in Avara Collection 1:

- Miscellaneous net levels ("ballgame" has changed a lot)
- Moving Parts: icebox & co.
- Architecture: architectural creations for net play
- Solo Missions: various solo levels for your enjoyment

Avara Collection 1 can be obtained from our forums on AOL and CompuServe, as well as from the following Internet sites:



You say Goodbye, and I say Hello

We would like to welcome the author of the Bolo Tracker and Avara Tracker, Matt Slot, to the full time ranks of Ambrosia Software, Inc. Matt has come from Michigan to Rochester (prepared for the weather) to become our resident unix and Internet guru. Matt will also be working on some products for you folks as well. I don't know what his first job will be. Hmmm, I hope he likes birds ;)

Andrew, Gayle, and I would also like to wish Toby Kamp a Bon Voyage. Toby and his wife, Marie, are expecting a bouncing bundle of joy (or whatever you call it ;) early next year. Toby is even thinking about starting a day care in his home for the other kids in the neighborhood. We wish Toby and Marie all the best in their journey into parenthood, and we hope Toby visits that shrink we recommended. ;)

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