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About This Newsletter -- General information about this document and Ambrosia as a company. Come and meet the gang.

Info. -- Legalese and distribution information concerning The Ambrosia Times. Sign up now for your free subscription.

What's New -- All the latest news about Harry, Mars Rising, Cythera, and all the Ambrosia developments over the last month.

Kudos & Criticism -- See how we tackle the exchange rates, and how we deal with questionable content on our site.

President's Letter -- Find out what President Andrew Welch thinks of Apple's announcements of November 10. Find out why we held the Times for this many days.

Cythera Preview -- Take a gander at Cythera's impressive interface.

Mars Rising Preview -- This amazing game from Dave Wareing is coming in late November! Check out these screenshots.

Up Close and Personal with David Dunham -- Meet Ambrosia's Technical Support manager, version 2.0.0.

Geek Boy -- Jason Whong explores the evils of unsolicited commercial e-mail in his first Geek Boy column.

Bitwise Operator -- Matt Slot shows us how to manage a project with multiple source files, and examines more interface considerations.

How To -- You've seen it on the TV Food Network, you've heard Andrew sing its praises on IRC, but have you ever tasted a Nick Tahou's garbage plate?

Eeek A Bug! -- David Dunham's first article examines the recent Harry 1.0.1 update, and other issues.

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