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by Jason Whong


This section features reader responses to Ambrosia's software & service. We will include the good with the bad, and address any problems brought to our attention. These are real people writing real letters about real issues. Feel free to drop us a line.

Barrack and OS 9

I gotta hand it to you fellows: that BARRACK is so perfectly tuned it is a most enjoyable sport! I really appreciate all the effort that went into working out all the minutia details and probabilities and Gaussian curves that dictate the odds of a ball appearring or moving a certain direction or going at a certain speed... not to mention all those factors for the yummie cakes, and the glass balls and oooze balls ... WOW! What a fine product!

Ken & Vicki

Glad you enjoy Barrack so much. You'll be glad to hear that our programmer, Matt Slot, has made sure that Barrack is fully compatible with the latest operating systems.

But What About Apeiron?!?

This came in response to our announcement regarding the update to Barrack...

The only thing I am interested in is: When will Apeiron support USB-Macs ?????

Henning Schulz

The fix to Barrack was a matter of changing only a few lines of code. It took all of five minutes to do, once the problem was found.

The problem with Apeiron is much more complex. In the first place, Apeiron was written to be compatible with as many machines as possible at the time of release. As a result, a good chunk of the controller code is integral to the overall program. A fix is not simply a matter of adding a call to Input Sprockets. A major part of the game code will have to be rewritten.

We're a small company, and we're juggling many responsiblities/projects right now. We'd love to address the Apeiron issue, but I can't give any kind of a timetable for a fix. It *is* on the burner, but on a back burner.

Cythera Rules, and So Do We!

This came as a comment in a registration for Cythera.

Wow, I am really impressed - on all kinds of levels.

RE: the game, this game was the reason I started playing RPGs about a million years ago. I like everything about it.

RE: the company, I purchased a little game called Escape Velocity about a half a million years ago from a little no name group of people who came up with a winner. I have been away from computers for a long time and now that I am back, I find this little company has continued to pull little miracles out of their ... monkey.

RE: the web site, _one_ of the things I do for a living is create web pages. I think I am going to start refering clients to your site to learn how a site can, no, should be created.

Chris Johnson

Thanks! I'm glad you're pleased. Both Matt Burch, creator of Escape Velocity, and Glenn Andreas, creator of Cythera, have made incredibly immersive worlds for a player to fall into.

Matt Schroeder created the artwork for the website, and it's stood the test of time.

And, by the way, stay away from my monkey...

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