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by Hector D. Byrd

NOTE WELL: These products are still under development. This is a preview: everything mentioned here is subject to change without notice, because the product is a work in progress. Please don't ask us when it will be released -- that'll give us more time to finish the product and get it to you all that much sooner. We'll let you know just as soon as it is released, we promise. The best way to stay informed of product releases is to sign up for our announce_list mailing list, or check our web site periodically.

Hector D. Byrd here with the latest edition of Sneak Snapz!

Hey, all! Here's a look at the newest, latest, and greatest screenshots from Ambrosia products in development. Everybody take a deep breath, because we've got fun pictures in store!

Ben Spees has recently come to Rochester permanently in order to focus his efforts on Ferazel's Wand. When he's not cleaning my cage, that is. The good news is that I don't make as much mess as I did when I had those wooden toys that I chewed to sawdust. The better news is that there are some cool screenshots I can show you!

subliminal:  buy Ferazel.  Buy Ferazel.  Buy...buy...buy!!!
These guys are incredibly tough to beat. And they look fierce!

Recently, Ben has added some hekka cool boss characters, as well as more levels, more spells, more features, and other things which are secret. So secret, that I can't show you anything else... Except maybe this!
Kick this goblin.  There is no law against goblin kicking.  Ferazel can do it with impunity.
This huge guy doesn't seem to want to let you exit, stage left. But hey, everybody's got a job, right?

Pop-Pop is getting very close to beta - there's a bit of artwork copying that needs to be done, and a few more levels that need to be designed... but we're looking at "Real Soon Now" for a release.
Bombastic versus Ioni!
Repeat after me again: This is not an ordinary fighting game.

Look at that bomb!
Bombastic hurls a bomb upward to destroy more blocks!

These shots are from b0.9 of Pop-Pop. Pop-Pop is about ready to go to testers, and when it goes, I'll dance a jig in my cage. Although, with both of these games coming, it's going to be hard to pry my beak away from the iMac. Squaawwwk!

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