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by Jason Whong

Flakes are fallin' : Head and Shoulders for the Sky?

It's November again! And as the setting sun goes down on the last Ambrosia Times of 1999, We all say "Hey, Ho!" and serve up another issue of The Ambrosia Times.

Ares Re-released

On September 30, we released Ares 1.1.0, and instantly our servers were inundated with downloads of the new game. Developer Nathan Lamont was stoked when it went out the door, and the response has been great.

Ares is an exciting space action and strategy game. As the humans, you must try to recapture Earth from an evil, technologically superior race known as The Cantharan Order. 20 missions stand between you and your homeworld. If you're having problems with strategy, David Dunham can offer help in his How To column in this issue of the 'Times.

A bunch of bug munchin' updates

Cythera was updated to version 1.0.4; it fixed some bugs and added some enhancements to the game. Of course, this was not the only update. Ares was updated to 1.1.1, thus there were two Ambrosia products that shipped with bugs.

This means that Jason will eat 2 dishes with bugs at an upcoming MacWorld. Mmm, mmm! tasty!

Also, Avara was updated to 1.0.1 in order to be compatible with Apple's new Mac OS 9, but this doesn't count as a bug fix, so it looks like Jason is off the hook here.

Barrack was updated to 1.0.4 recently, as well -- seems that there was an issue with the newest Apple hardware. You shouldn't need the update unless the game clearly isn't playing like it should be. Downloading the patch will not make you a better Barrack player.

Speaking of bugs, Jason's bug announcement has gotten him quite a bit of attention lately. Recently, the bug-munching story ran in The Register, a British IT magazine, and Sm@rt Reseller, a US sales magazine. Time Magazine, watch out!

Ambrosia at Mac Gamer's Ledge/Capitol Mac Games Day

The excellent Mac Game News website, Mac Gamer's Ledge, recently held a Mac Games Day in Richmond, VA. It turned out to be an exciting event, with a few hundred faithful gamers coming out to try the latest betas. Check out Jason's writeup in this issue's Geek Boy.

Ambrosia Storms the Media

As if mentions in The Register and Sm@rt Reseller weren't enough, here's a rarity: Ambrosia had Snapz Pro reviews in all three major American Mac magazines- MacHome (4.5 Apples), MacWorld (4 mice), and MacAddict (Freakin' Awesome). And not only that - MacAddict's "100% Independent Guide to the iMac" listed Snapz Pro as one of its top 10 utilities.

Cythera snagged a good review in MacHome (4 Apples); Escape Velocity also appeared in MacHome's "top ten games of all time" list, and Ferazel was involved in its November games promotion.

Finally, Nathan Lamont was on The Mac Show, as the secret guest in "What's My Product?". One lucky winner guessed that Nathan was developer of Ares, and Shawn and Nathan yakked it up. All said, it was a good month for Ambrosia.

Ambrosia Monthly Buzz at World Without Borders

Once a month, on a Wednesday, Ambrosia appears at World Without Borders to talk about all things Ambrosia-related. If you've never been there, check it out sometime.

Ferazel's Wand and Pop-Pop reports

Ben Spees is returning to Rochester in November so that he can focus on development of Ferazel's Wand. He recently shipped beta 3 to testers, and it had a few really pretty boss characters.

Pop-Pop is just about ready for beta - with time, this one should get exciting! Jason took a preview version of Pop-pop to the Mac Gamer's Ledge event, and it was well received. Take a look at the screenshots of Pop Pop and Ferazel's Wand in this edition of Sneak Snapz!

I guess that's all there is to say here. With luck, by the next issue, We'll be able to annouce the release of a few more exciting games!

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