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[Go To Icon] About This Newsletter -- Cover page and information about this document.

[Go To Icon] Info. -- Legalese and distribution information concerning The Ambrosia Times.

[Go To Icon] Founder's Day -- Ambrosia celebrates its one year incorporation anniversary by giving, yes giving, registrations away. Act fast, offer ends on September 18, 1994.

[Go To Icon] President's Letter -- We were able to tear Andrew away from Bolo (playing) and Apeiron (programming) long enough for an informative little article. Stop by and read about Andrew's commercialization philosophy.

[Go To Icon] What's New -- Although we all have managed to squeeze in some time off for R and R, there is still a lot to talk about.

[Go To Icon] Contest -- Here is your chance to be a winner. Ambrosia, best known for computer games and utilities, is having a contest totally unrelated to computer games and utilities.

[Go To Icon] Software Showcase -- Ambrosia is proud to introduce Snapz , a handy little screen capture program like no other.

[Go To Icon] Up Close and Personal -- In this issue, we interview Mark Lewis, the artist responsible for graphics in Maelstrom, Chiral and Apeiron.

[Go To Icon] Free Fall -- It's a bird, It's a plane, It's Andrew Welch. A little fact mixed with a lot of fiction about Andrew's upcoming skydiving expedition.

[Go To Icon] eWorld -- Come and take a peek at Ambrosia's new eWorld forum. This slick new interface will give you easy access to all of our products and technical support.

[Go To Icon] Kudos and Criticism -- An open forum for Ambrosia to respond to the many comments we receive on our incoming registration forms.

[Go To Icon] How To -- So you just have to have your pedigree pet poodle's picture used with Eclipse? Ambrosia's Technical Support Manager "Cajun" David Richard will walk you through this simple procedure.

[Go To Icon] Gumbo -- Cajun has really spooned out a double helping of trouble this time. Maybe it was not such a good idea to let him go to Boston alone after all.

[Go To Icon] Hints and Tricks -- This is where Ambrosia's gamers get together to swap strategy and techniques.

[Go To Icon] Eek A Bug! -- Ambrosia's Technical Service Manager, "Cajun" David Richard, talks about some common, and some not so common conflicts with Ambrosia's programs.

[Go To Icon] Read All About It -- Just a brief look at where you can find third party reviews of Ambrosia Software products.

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