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Eek A Bug![Picture of Bug]

by Cajun David Richard
I have to admit, Andrew is a fine programmer. Although some of the programs we have in our product line do have a problem or two, my job in the tech. support department is rather easy. There is simply not much to keep track of. Many of the problems we find in programs are fixed promptly, and all I have to do is tell folks who call in with problems to upgrade to the latest version. I should be careful, Hector may take over my job...

Many of you are waiting for upgrades for Swoop and Apeiron. This months Eek-a-bug takes a look at these two programs, and why the updates have been delayed.

[Apeiron Icon] Apeiron
The latest version of Apeiron is 1.0.1. If you do not have this version, youll soon discover that when you try to quit the game, version 1.0.0 will crash your machine. Let us not wonder why, let us simply upgrade.

There are a few other things were fixing in Apeiron. One is the infamous Sprinkly Shield Bug, and the other is the Mode32 bug. I will briefly describe each of these bugs, and also inform you about something new that we have discovered that may delay the Apeiron update a little longer.

The Sprinkly Shield bug will happen at seemingly random times. But what is actually happening is that the program is having trouble with the crazy thrashing that can occur when you are invincible. In order to avoid this, thrash nicely.

The Mode32 bug is a bug that will cause the pede to plummet down to the bottom of the screen as if it has hit a poison mushroom. This happens when the pede goes to make a turn. Instead of going back and forth, like its supposed to do, it heads straight down as soon as it hits a wall. You can get around this by turning 32-bit addressing off.

We have discovered that this bug goes much deeper than we first thought. Originally, folks with older Macs that need the Mode32 extension would have this problem. But it turns out that the newest Macs, the PCI or 604 based Macs which run System 7.5.2 will also show similar characteristics of the Mode32 bug when running Apeiron. The problem is at this point there is no work around.

What we need is one of these fancy new machines to fix this problem. Now if we can only get one donated...

[Swoop Icon] Swoop
The Swoop upgrade will be released soon. We are incorporating new code into the game that will begin a Swoop High Score Contest. So start practicing.

Here is a list of changes that are included with the 1.0.1 version of Swoop:

Look for the new version of Swoop soon. If you would like to be notified, you can get on our mailing list by sending eMail to AmbrosiaSW@aol.com.

On a final note. Ambrosia celebrated its 2nd Anniversary on August 9th 1995. But for many people, August 9th, 1995 was a day of sorrow. For all of you out there that have been touched in some way by The Grateful Dead, my heartfelt condolences are sent. A lot more died that day than a guitarist.

"Cajun" David Richard
Technical Services Manager
Ambrosia Software, Inc.

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