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Swimming Begins This October!

It's No Kiddie Pool

Designed by Alex Metcalf (creator of "Maniac") and David Wareing ("Swoop"), Ambrosia's newest game Bubble Trouble is an amusing and challenging arcade game the whole family can enjoy. Taking from traditional arcade games, but adding a twist of its own, Bubble Trouble promises to be entertaining for kids of all ages.

Prepare to guide our charming hero, "Blinky," through the treacherous underwater mazes of Bubble Trouble. Match wits against the nefarious denizens of the deep and help him to survive while collecting treasure and earning big points. Bubble Trouble is another addition to Ambrosia's line of high action, pusle quickening arcade games. With its release nearing in October, Bubble Trouble will provide hours of entertainment for both the old and the young. Custom sounds and music created specifically for the game add to a fun and light-hearted atmosphere.

The title of this new entertainment product has meanings for both the good and the bad characters. Blinky (you) has the ability to push the bubbles on the screen in an effort to eliminate the various nasties of the ocean, and move on to the next level. However, these critters also have their own defense mechanisms, with the ability to trap you in one of their bubbles, giving a new meaning to the term, "Bubble Bath." Power-ups and other yummies can also be grabbed by Blinky in the form of bubbles floating up from the bottom of the screen. Plenty of action to keep even the most experienced players on their toes.

Below are some of the characters you will meet in the waters of Bubble Trouble. Pictured in the center is our hero, flanked by some of the nastiest beasties you will find. With a little persuasion from Photoshop, we were able to get these natural enemies together for this group photo.

Sign up on Ambrosia's announce_list to be automatically notified of the imminent release. We will drop you a note when he game is available for downloading. In the meantime, practice that backstroke.

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