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Eeeek A Bug!

by "Cajun" David Richard

As we eagerly await the release of version 1.0.3 of Escape Velocity, I have received several questions about the game that are not covered in the FAQ. I would like to address them here as a kind of hints and tips for EV. The names have been changed, of course, to protect the innocent.

I start up with all extensions off, and EV will randomly start up with or without music...I'm going to try updating to 1.0.2, but I'm wondering if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong. I have a Performa 630 with 8mb of RAM.

-- H. Thoreau

What could be happening is that Escape Velocity is running out of memory. It may be attempting to load a sound and finding that there isn't enough space. This will not cause EV to quit, it will just not play the sound. The only real solution to this is to upgrade the amount of RAM you have in your computer.

I was chasing a ship during combat, and at one point, I seemed to hit an invisible wall. The ship I was chasing was able to continue to move past the wall, but my nose was stuck up against it. I could only move up and down. What's going on?

-- C. Chase

This is the solution to an older bug that was present in Escape Velocity. Originally, the system would wrap around (kinda like Maelstrom). However, this would cause some problems. So as a solution Matt created the wall. The space enclosed by this wall is quite large, and should be enough room to maneuver during any combat situation. However, it is a good thing to be aware of this, since finding it unexpectedly can sometimes be treacherous.

According to your FAQ, Escape Velocity saves the pilot file every time you land. However, when I start playing, I always start off from the same planet on the same date. I'm running the game from my hard drive, and I have plenty of space. What could be causing this?

-- B. Murray

Ah yes. It took a while to figure this one out. This is a combination of a bug in version 1.0.2 and a preference in System 7.5. If you are experiencing this problem, go to your General Controls control panel and select the 'Last folder used by the application' radio button in the Documents box. This will work around the problem. Version 1.0.3 will eliminate it.

I have accepted the Rebel Special Ops mission and I am trying to insert the Rebel Troops on Luna. But, they won't get off!! What do I have to do to get them off of my ship?

-- S. Segal

This situation has caused some confusion. However, what is happening is rather simple. When you accept the mission, you are given the cloaking device. You need to use the cloaking device to elude the Confed patrols and insert the Special Ops team on Luna. However, if you get scanned by the Confeds, you will fail the mission. If you land on Luna, the team will not leave your ship (because you have been caught). This is indicated by a bullet next to the mission in your mission list. You will have to go back to the place where you picked the team up and try again.

I have been asked by the Rebellion to defend the universe against an alien battleship. But, no matter where I look, I cannot find them! Where are they, and how do I defeat them when I do find them?

-- R. Dole

Many people have written in with problems finding the alien battleship. The answer I usually give is, "Keep looking, they are out there, waiting." And they are. You will find them with a little persistence. Now defeating them is a different story. The battleship's shields regenerate very fast. So what I have learned is that in order to defeat the ship, you need to stay on it and keep shooting. If you stop hitting it, the shield will simply recharge. You will have to figure out the rest for yourself.

I have heard about a great space parrot. What is it and how do I find it?

-- B. Clinton

The Great Space Parrot is the most magnificent and ominous creature in the universe. Some say that the universe was created by the Great Space Parrot from a great egg. It is believed that the egg contained special magic. However, the egg was cracked by the one who was left to watch over it, and the magic escaped - leaving the universe in its wake. Many in the universe believe that the Great Space Parrot will return to lay another magical egg, and restore the universe to proper order.

On a different note, I recently read a post on the comp.sys.mac.games.action news group about Bob Heffner. He has designed a bunch of keyboard overlays for games on the Macintosh and has created one for Escape Velocity. This is a piece of plastic that you place on your extended or apple design keyboard that serves as a quick reference for the keys in the game. For more information point your Web browser to: http://www.fairmont.wvnet.edu/www/webteam/bob/overlays/overlays.html

If you run into any problems that are not mentioned here or have any questions about any of our products, please drop a note to help@AmbrosiaSW.com

Ed Note -- Aside from having to release Avara on his birthday, Cajun has been dealing with his old age well. When the temperature hit 50 degrees, the winter clothes came out. In November, you may see him in New Orleans for Halloween, or Lafayette for a 10 year high school reunion.

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