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Sneak a Peek at Mars Rising

by David Wareing

MR Anim

Death on the Red Planet!

Resentful of Earth's economic dominance and its refusal to permit an autonomous Mars government, Mars Colony has declared independence and installed a nationalistic, war-mongering President. Her first act has been to sever communications and declare war with the home world. In a devastating surprise offensive, Terran military assets on Mars and in Martian space have been attacked. All but Deimos have been lost.

The Earth strikes back!

Despite the magnitude of the loss and bewilderment as to how Mars Forces could have seized control of the planet so easily, Terran Command has ordered a stategic retaliatory action against key Martian facilities. You are to strike from Deimos using prototype Vac-Fighters. These advanced craft are the cutting edge of Peace Enforcement and feature a wide array of weaponry and counter measures. The Vac-Fighter is also equipped with the new Wave Motion Gun for attack on heavily defended targets.

Batter up!

ELINT reports indicate that the Olympus Mons Air Base is being used by Martian forces as a staging area for a second attack on Deimos. Conduct a low level flight over the base and nullify any Martian military assets. All Martian ground and air units are to be considered hostile. Your Vac-Fighters are equpped with smart bombs for air-to-ground attack and matter cannon for aerial engagements. Reinforcements and weapon replenishment and upgrades will be made available throughout your mission.

Coming soon to a Mac near you

Developed by David Wareing (author of Swoop and co-author of Bubble Trouble), Mars Rising is non-stop shootemup for 1 or 2 players. It features vertically scrolling destruction, killer customisable soundtracks, 8 channel stereo sound and level after level of furious arcade action. Mars Rising is currently undergoing testing. The game will be released for PowerPC equipped Macintoshes capable of displaying 640x480 pixels or greater in 256 colors.

MR Anim

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