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About This Newsletter -- General information about this document and Ambrosia as a company. Come and meet the gang.

Info. -- Legalese and distribution information concerning The Ambrosia Times. Sign up now for your free subscription.

What's New -- All the latest news about Harry, Mars Rising, Cythera, and all the Ambrosia developments over the last two months.

Kudos & Criticism -- Ambrosia's mail bag is bursting with letters. There are some real stinkers in this issue, too.

President's Letter -- Check out our fearless leader's take on network computers.

Software Showcase - Harry the Handsome Executive -- Harry bursts onto the Mac gaming scene! So go downlaod it already. Harry Kicks!

Sneak a peek at Mars Rising -- Dave Wareing shows off his current labor of love.

Up Close and Personal with Jason Whong -- Just when you thought nobody at Ambrosia would ever use the words "effigy" and "cheering section" in the same sentence, along comes our new marketing boy.

Geekette -- Find out what happens when a group of rowdy twentysomethings take a rafting trip and land in a retirement community.

Aaron's Domain -- Take a trip into the mind of our part-time typing machine, Aaron hunt. If you get lost, just make a U-turn at the cerebral cortex.

Bitwise Operator -- Interface is everything! Details on interface design and other programming secrets are divulged within.

How To -- Cajun examines the coolest techniques for surviving the stressful corporate environment of ScumCo.

Eeek A Bug! -- Find out what's new with ColorSwitch Pro 1.2.0, our latest revision of the Control Strip killer.

Ramblings -- The future of online entertainment is bright! Find out what developments Michael Dortch hopes will arrive in the next decade.

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