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What's New

by Jason Whong

Summer is over...

Happy September, everyone. It's time to get back into the swing of things. Ulff knows that the dog days of summer are over, but that doesn't stop her from slobbering all over everything. Perhaps it's her way of teaching the door-to-door salesmen a lesson. Luckily for them, dog saliva doesn't stain permanently.

Harry is here!

The long-awaited Harry the Handsome Executive is ready. Ben Spees and the Ambrosia team worked around the clock to release the game in time for September. (Can you say, "abduction"?) Get ready to guide Harry through fifteen levels, and discover the power of the swivel and the secret of ScumCo tower. If you're looking for hints, check out the in-depth look at Harry later in this issue.

Mars Rising on the way

Earlier last month, we proved that we can never have too many projects in development at once when we announced that we're working on another game with Australian superstar Dave Wareing. Mars Rising will be Ambrosia's first vertical scroller, and there will be plenty of laserbeams, bombs, and of course, yummies to go around!

Quashing rebellion is challenging work. Luckily, you may bring along one comrade for a 2-player game. For more details, check out Dave's sneak peek later in the issue.

Cythera in Alpha

Thanks to Glenn Andreas' efforts, Cythera is looking better and better each week. We've picked a font for the game, and more quests and details are being added by the day. You'll find some interesting pictures, as well as a foretaste of the game in this issue.

Eclipse Image Pack coming soon

Eclipse Users, take note! We're gathering some super-sweet images and animations for the first Eclipse image pack. If you haven't added any of your own pictures to Eclipse, you may want to check this one out. When it arrives, it will be available as a separate download, from our Add-Ons page.

The awards keep rolling in

Snapz Pro wowed the critics this year, taking MacUser's Snappiest Shareware Utility award for 1997, as well as MacHome Journal's MacNificent Editor's choice award for July. Meanwhile, MacHome Journal also praised the fish-squishing extravaganza, Bubble Trouble, giving it the Home Choice award for Best Shareware Game. Cajun went to the MacWorld Expo in Boston to pick up the awards.

We're Great with 8

Over 1.2 Million people have purchased MacOS 8, and while other programs and utilities had compatibility issues, all of Ambrosia's products work without problems. Just remember that if you perform the (Apple recommended) clean install, you may need to enter your registration information the next time you start your Ambrosia product. If you've misplaced your code, you can always call or e-mail us, and we'll look it up for you.

Avara Tracker mirrored!

Berserkir convened the tribunal of warriors at the mountain, and after much conversation, a mirror of the Avara tracker appeared at tracker.gameon.net. Amidst the cheering of the battle-weary masses, Berserkir proudly announced that any games posted on one tracker would immediately appear at the other. He hoped this would prevent the warriors from declaring a ceasefire whenever the original tracker was down. Immediately afterwards, there was much rejoicing and hurling of grenades.

More Big Brother, Authoritarian Stuff

We are very grateful to the Ambrosia legal staff for forging a path through the bureaucratic red tape and allowing us to make this statement: Ambrosia Software and the Ambrosia Logo are registered trademarks of Ambrosia Software, Inc. All rights reserved. We know where you live, where your car is parked, and where your tap water comes from, so don't even think about it.

Manse Delayed

Unfortunately, those of you anxiously awaiting the release of Manse will have to wait a little longer. That's not all bad news, though. The good news is that Manse is being rewritten to take advantage of RAVE technology. RAVE is a software rendering technology that can take advantage of custom 3D hardware. This means that although you won't need a 3D card to play, Manse will still benefit from one.

ColorSwitch Pro revision in the works

Our handy replacement for the Control Strip, ColorSwitch Pro, still works fine with MacOS 8. However, there is a cosmetic problem with ColorSwitch's menu. No need to fret! We're working on an update, and will release it shortly.

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