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iMac Special Report

[Ed. Note -- Zach Dunham, son of David, our Rochester-born tech support guru, fought bravely against the evil barbarian accountant, and was rewarded with the right to address the Ambrosia faithful about his newest obsession: The iMac. Zach is 10 years old, and lives here in Rochester with David. He's not a bad writer, either.]

Hello Ambrosia Fans!

This is Zach, the resident beta tester here at Ambrosia. My father is David Dunham, the tech support guru extraordinaire who answers your questions about EV, Apeiron, Barrack, and more. Anyway, I am 10 years old and in 5th grade, but enough about me, lets talk about the iMac I'm writing this on!!! Yes Ambrosia heads, it's an iMac. Dum Dum Dum . . . Believe it or not, this has been written on an iMac. The beautiful, screamin' fast, blue and white iMac!!! The iMac plays computer games (most of em) better AND faster than any computer that you, I, and anyone else will ever see come out of a Wintel factory. With an iMac, it takes less time to start-up EV than to read the first two sentences in this article! (and that's NOT an exageration)

The iMac is much better in person, no wait in computer, than the in photos. But in case you've heard the rumors, the mouse DOES NOT light up!! Yes, we here at Ambrosia thought so, too. As I said before, the iMac coolest computer in the world, solar system, galaxy, universe, dimension, etc. In closing, the iMac kicks - - - - - - (fill in word of your choice).


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