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by Jason Whong

NOTE WELL: These products are still under development. This is a preview: everything mentioned here is subject to change without notice, because the product is a work in progress. Please don't ask us when it will be released -- that'll give us more time to finish the product and get it to you all that much sooner. We'll let you know just as soon as it is released, we promise. The best way to stay informed of product releases is to sign up for our announce_list mailing list, or check our web site periodically.

Hector D. Byrd here with the latest edition of Sneak Snapz!

First up on the menu: Slithereens! I love it, and so will you. Some people say that Parrots eat snakes... well, you'll find no parrots in this game. But I defintely like this snake-eating game.

Check it out: You're the green snake, and you have to eat all of the other snakes in the game. But if you're smaller, don't eat the snake head-on. Eat his tail first, and shorten him. Grab powerups and increase your length.

Mmm, and there are lots of tasty rodents to munch on, too. Makes me want to get out of this cage and play!

Now, on to Ferazel's Wand. This game is going to be very hot! I can feel it in my claws! Anyway, in this one, you control a Habnabit, a cool cloaked creature that carries a wand that belonged to an old wizard named Ferazel. In the game you'll quest through some tough levels to defeat the evil Manditraki, who tried to exterminate the habnabits.

Check out that pic of the habnabit chucking fireballs at some knife-wielding beasties in the Eastern Forest! Ooh, I'm getting the vapors just thinking about it! And it's a shame that you can't see from just one frame just how well Ben has worked in the Parallax Scrolling effects - it really complements the hand-drawn sprites quite nicely.

Now, onto Cythera. We just got our hands on Beta 5, and check out this new artwork! Amazing Trees! Too bad I can't play as a bird and fly away from danger! Ah, but in real life my wings are clipped so I can't fly anyway. A bird can dream, can't he?

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