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by Hector D. Byrd

NOTE WELL: These products are still under development. This is a preview: everything mentioned here is subject to change without notice, because the product is a work in progress. Please don't ask us when it will be released -- that'll give us more time to finish the product and get it to you all that much sooner. We'll let you know just as soon as it is released, we promise. The best way to stay informed of product releases is to sign up for our announce_list mailing list, or check our web site periodically.

Hector D. Byrd here with the latest edition of Sneak Snapz!

Squawwwk! Remember last issue, when I said I would show you something other than Cythera and Ferazel's Wand? Well, the news that everyone is chirping about is that Ambrosia is rereleasing Ares, by Nathan Lamont!

ares ownz me

Ares is a hot, networkable space game that I've been addicted to ever since I picked it up. One of the first things I noticed about the intro was how cool it looked. Its scrolling text and images reminded me of classic NES openings from games long ago. But Ares is so much better, thanks to the power of the Mac, and Nathan Lamont's programming skills.

ares will rule
Look at that font reminiscent of 80-column Apple II text! And that cool ship!

The basic story behind Ares unfolds in chapters, and I don't wish to give away too much of the story (it's better for you to be surprised). But what I can show you are these fun screenshots:
ares makes PC users drool
Here's what the battle looks like when you're fighting in close ranges.

ares is fun
If you're really far away from other ships and objects, the game can dynamically zoom out for easy navigation.

ares is my dream
Bam! Boom! Ain't I articulate?

ares ares ares.  mmm.
That is one big, honking ship.

Ares is coming very soon, after Ambrosia and Nathan agree on whether to make adjustments to the game before rerelease. Watch for this one! It's going to be one to jump out of the cage for.

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