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by Jason Whong

Leaves declare their impending downfall

September is here once again, and with it comes the shuddering realization that summer will be gone, and that the weather will become less and less exciting. On a more excited note, lots of things have been brewing here at Ambrosia, so the next few months should be something to look forward to.

Cythera is released!

Cythera Logo

Cythera, the exciting RPG written by Glenn Andreas, is finally released! The mysteries of the island of Cythera should provide many hours of puzzling, pondering, and pounding on keys as you uncover the hidden secrets and save the doomed island nation from political infighting.

Shortly after release, it was updated to version 1.0.1 and 1.0.2. to fix a few bugs. Go grab it, before it goes away.

Ambrosia to publish Ares

ares ownz me

Nathan Lamont's exciting space combat game is coming once again to Macintosh, this time from Ambrosia. Though Ares was once published by Changeling, Nathan brought the title to us so that we could give it a fantastic rerelease.

We're investigating the possibility of making minor improvements to the game before we ship it. One thing is for certain - improvements or none - Ares is finally going to get the exposure and avilability it deserves.

Check out some pics of Ares in this issue's Sneak Snapz column.

Snapz Pro 2 QuickTime Festival

If you've made some QuickTime videos with Snapz Pro, now's the time to show them off! Enter them in the Snapz Pro 2 QuickTime Festival, and you could find yourself with some money, and a line on your resume.

Bug Munchin'

One of the PRs you'll find in this issue of the 'Times is one Jason sent a few weeks back. In it, he declared that if any Ambrosia product shipped with a bug, he'd munch on real insects (live and/or roasted) at MacWorld NY 2000.

If you're reading carefully, you'll note that Cythera has been revved to version 1.0.2, which means that it shipped with a bug. Oops. Looks like Jason will be chowing down next year.

Because of the bugs in Cythera, the first course of the meal will be an anitpasto dish of some sort - perhaps a salad of crickets and mealworms. Jason said that if other products ship with bugs, they'll count as separate courses in the bug munching meal.

Ferazel's Wand, Pop-Pop, Deimos Rising, and more

Ferazel's Wand stands in its second beta release as Ben Spees continues to pump out the code in time for a release this year. New characters, levels, and a boss are being added to spice everything up.

Pop-Pop is still in the hands of Andrew Campbell, as Andrew continues to add art and special moves. And, of course, it will be tested and hopefully be bug-free at release, along with Ares and Ferazel's Wand. We can't have Jason eating bug entrees...

Deimos Rising is still carefully guarded by Australian Funnel Web spiders, as David Wareing hammers his fingers to worn out stubs on his trusty keyboard. Of course, once he's done with that, we'll all wear out our fingers as well, playing the game. Funny how things happen like that.

...and more? That's right... there's stuff that we could tell you, but we'd have to kill you afterwards. But all will be revealed faster than you can say "networkable" in due time.

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