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Please enter your name, company, address, eMail address, phone number, and fax number below. If any information isn't applicable, simply leave it blank. It is critical that you include a valid eMail address, because that is how we will be communicating with you.

Please do not use this form to submit ideas for projects that you do not posess the technical skill to develop. This form is for serious developers only.

Once you have filled out this form, it is probably a good idea to drop an e-mail to Andrew Welch, who will in all likelihood be your primary contact at Ambrosia. Just tell him that you are indeed serious about your application - a simple one-liner will do. Also tell him how you sent the NDA - whether by fax or US mail.

It is probably a good idea to write NDA enclosed on either the envelope or fax cover sheet.


Please give us the name and a description of your product (ie, pitch us on it). Be as verbose as possible.

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