Ambrosia works with third party developers to bring their products to the shareware market under the Ambrosia aegis. We have a number of services and support that we can offer developers, allowing you to do what you do best, and have us handle the rest. We have been producing and marketing award-winning Macintosh shareware products for over 15 years, and are now extending that expertise to work with third party developers. If you'd like more information on Ambrosia as a company, please take a peek at the Ambrosia FAQ

If you have developed a product, and are interested in discussing the possibility of working with Ambrosia on it, this area contains all of the information you need.

The Why should I work with Ambrosia? section contains our pitch to you, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about working with Ambrosia on a product.

The How do we get the ball rolling? section describes the process of begining preliminary discussions with us, step by step. Please read this section before you fill out a Developer application.

Finally, if you have decided that you are interested in persuing the possibility of working with us, use the Fill out a Developer application section to send in your proposal.

Please note: we reject far more products than we accept, because we prefer to do an excellent job on a few quality products rather than a mediocre job on a many of them.