Developer Information & FAQ

[q]:Why should I develop with Ambrosia?

[a]:Why shouldn't you? There are plenty of reasons to go with Ambrosia instead of releasing the software by yourself. By releasing your product through Ambrosia, you save yourself the hassle of starting your own company, and more importantly, you join a family. A superior family.

Business Reasons

Superior Reputation

When Ambrosia releases a new piece of software, people take notice. Ambrosia is quite simply the first name in Macintosh shareware. With a large following of fans and a loyal customer base, an Ambrosia logo on your product might just be the convincing factor when potential customers are ready to download. With so many trophies and plaques that we have to keep building chests to contain them, the Ambrosia name will set your product apart from the rest of the shareware shelf.

Superior Support

Ambrosia has a technical support specialist, who handles telephone calls weekdays (9AM-5PM, Eastern Time). Additionally, we answer technical questions at, and via mail and fax. Additionally, we can write documentation and/or online help as your app requires. When we publish your program, we bear the entire support load. That leaves you free to pursue your own interests, like dinners with your spouse, football with the kids, or making more software.

Superior Distribution and Marketing

Besides the usual online distribution that all shareware authors enjoy, Ambrosia's products are mirrored on several continents, to speed the download process to all areas of the world. Additionally, Ambrosia maintains relationships with computer magazines all over the world, so your product may get some valuable press coverage, and ship on a number of DVD-ROMs internationally. Check out our current list of approved distributors to see just how many places your product could ship.

If you can't be bothered with setting up a web site that effectively promotes your product, we can handle all of that. Lastly, we have our own DVD-ROM, so that offline customers can get the latest products when they need them. We take care of it, so you don't have to.

Superior Registration Processing

Part of the reason that Ambrosia is so successful in the shareware industry is that we make it easy to register our products. Networked customers can pay using a credit card via e-mail, over the web, or directly from the registration app that ships with the product. Other methods of registration include our toll-free 800 telephone line, fax, or by snail mail using check or money order. Our registration process can be easily integrated into your app. Just drop in a few hooks to the registration_tool API, and you're set. Honestly, if all you're looking for is a way to let people register without buying a new credit card machine and Internet connection, you might do better by signing up with Kee Nethery's Kagi Shareware service. But, if you're looking for something more, keep reading.

Development Reasons

Superior Polishing

Ambrosia has a reputation for well-polished products. If your product looks great in C++, but you aren't the best artist or musician, don't fret! We can contract with musicians, sound designers, and artists to make sure your product looks like it should. And you can focus more on making your product great.

Superior Tools

When you sign on with Ambrosia, you can freely incorporate any of our APIs into your app. Our Sound_Tool supports multi-channel, active-panning, stereophonic sound, with pitch bending. Our Monitor_Tool handles resolution switching, and other groovy display issues. Our Registration_Tool makes sure people know when and where to send the check. And our new Network_Tool helps you add network interactivity, for multiple players. All of these, with developer technical support directly from the programmers that wrote them, offer a much more flexible alternative to Apple's Game Sprockets, but still allow the convenience of using pre-written tools.

Superior Beta Testing

Ambrosia has plenty of experience in beta testing; we screen testers to ensure a wide variety of configurations are in the test. Testers provide feedback through our mailing list, and errors are tracked using our bug reporting system. Additionally, usability and/or playability issues which crop up early enough in the process can be addressed.

Well, hopefully that'll be enough good reasons to go with Ambrosia. If you're looking for a publisher to release your product, Ambrosia is one of your best choices in a shareware publisher.