Developer Steps

To make the process go smoothly, we've attempted to automate the procedure of applying to work with Ambrosia as a developer. Here are the steps you should follow if you're interested in working with Ambrosia on an upcoming project:

  1. Check us out - Take a nice tour of our web site; check out our products. Learn about our company, and our philosophy. Chat with developers who have already worked with us, or are currently doing so.
  2. Learn what we have to offer - Read over the Developer Info & FAQ section, both to learn what we have to offer, and to get the answers to some of the questions that you may have already thought of. Many of the answers to non-confidential questions are there for your reading pleasure.
  3. Apply to be a developer - Filling out the developer application does two things. First, it tells us about you, and the product you're interested in possibly working with us on. Second, it sends a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to you for your signature, so we can begin discussing any confidential questions you may have, as well as letting us review your product.
  4. Ask any confidential questions - Once the NDA has been signed by both parties, you can begin firing away any specific questions you may have of us.
  5. Submit your product for review - In order to know if we think we can do a good job on the product you're working on, we've got to see it! Once the NDA is signed, you can submit the product to us so we can run it through its paces.
  6. Negotiate a contract - If all is well on both ends, and we agree to work together, the next step is to negotiate a contract to formalize the agreement.
  7. Work with Ambrosia to bring the product to market - Finally, we work together to bring the product from developmental version, through beta testing, and release it to the world.