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How To

by Jason Whong

How to eat a Nick Tahou's Garbage Plate

Nick Tahou Hots is a nice dining establishment situated in the beautiful downtown Rochester region. Before I came to Ambrosia, I had been hearing about its famous cuisine for many years. During my time at Ithaca College, many physical therapy students returned from their summer studies in Rochester beaming with tales of the fine Rochester eatery. In an earlier stint with The Bowie Baysox (Class AA affiliate of The Baltimore Orioles), much of the front office was from Rochester, and they yearned for the days when a fine meal at Nick's after a Red Wings game would strengthen their camraderie. My foray into this innovative dining experience was inevitable.

Now, for the first time on the Internet, I bring you instructions on how to consume a Nick Tahou's Garbage Plate. It is the preferred restaurant for anyone making a pilgrimage to Ambrosia's hallowed halls.

Starve Yourself for a Day

Avoid ingestion of comestibles for one to two days prior to your arrival at Nick's. This will ensure that a proper amount of space exists within your stomach for the Garbage Plate. Nothing is more embarrassing than leaving 3/4 of the plate to waste because your stomach has no available space.

Order the Plate

First timers should order a hot dog or hamburger plate. I prefer cheeseburger plates, myself. After ordering, you must wait three to five minutes for your food to arrive. Talk to the friendly people at Nick's. They'll love you if you're nice to them.

Be advised that the garbage plate contains whatever you ordered, plus large helpings of macaroni salad, refried beans, and home fries.

Prepare the Food Properly

When the chef has completed the task of preparing your Garbage Plate, you will notice that it comes with accompaniments: A plastic fork and knife, a bottle of Ketchup, some hot sauce, and three pieces of bread with butter. Proper care must be taken to prepare this food prior to ingestion.

Asian gourmet aficionados will find the next step similar to the preparation of the Korean dish "bibbim bap". Carefully slice the hot dog or hamburger into small bite sizes, being carful not to cut yourself on the cerrated plastic.

Add approximately half of an 11 ounce bottle of Tomato Ketchup, and hot sauce, salt, and pepper to taste. Stir the garbage plate carefully with the fork to ensure an adequate mixture.

Use the bread much like you would with spaghetti, or eat it separately. Do not stop eating until your plate is empty. This may take several hours.

Congratulations. You have been initiated into a long-standing Rochester tradition, which is often imitated, but never duplicated. The Nick Tahou's Garbage Plate.

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