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Ambrosia has once again teamed up with Introversion, the award-winning developer of the hit game Darwinia for its eagerly awaited third title DEFCON. DEFCON is a compelling online multiplayer strategy game based around the theme of global thermonuclear war. The game, inspired by the 1983 cult-classic WarGames, superbly evokes the tension, paranoia and suspicion surrounding the Cold War era.

Your Mission

The player assumes the role of a Commander hidden deep within an underground bunker, the mission being to successfully exterminate the enemy’s civilian population while at the same time disabling the enemy’s ability to retaliate. You'll need to form fast, tactical alliances - alliances that may at any moment break-down to become treacherous and very deadly betrayals.

World Domination

Play against the computer, or even better, compete online against fellow Mac or Windows players for total world domination. Cleanse the world of Windows users by battling them online!

Nobody Wins

Start by launching battleships, subs, and bombers in order to decimate your opponent's defenses. Scramble together your alliances, but remember, only one can stand victorious. Do you have what it takes to outsmart your opponent? Can you handle the pressure of global thermonuclear war? Remember - nobody wins. But maybe - just maybe - you can lose the least.

For Mac OS X, Intel native


As they say, all's fair in love and war, and when it comes to thermonuclear war, well, all bets are off. DEFCON is a remarkably enjoyable game.

Brad Cook, Games
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System Requirements


Intel or PowerPC G4 or better, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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