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Ev Plug-in Ticker II
51.00 kB | By Anonymous
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I know its kinda soon to be making a second version but this one you can make "ANY" Escape Velocity file without using those pesky keys. It even includes the Templates file and the KC3 pilot's resource file to get you started.

thamahawk 37 morpher
8.00 B | By Anonymous
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This is a small plug-in and holds only a ship. The ship is named thamahawk 37 morpher and can also morph to a smaller ship. It's fast and has good cargo and costs only 6mill so why not download now??

EV Mods
319.00 kB | By Anonymous
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From Aviator Computer Productions comes EV Mods. This is one of my first real big plugs. This Plug features: 8 new missions, 19 new weapons, 13 new ships(some w/ modified graphics others with game graphics),svereal new fleets, 1 new outfit, a new spob in the satori system and more. Also there is a direct jumplink between Sol and Satori. This Plug has a few graphics problems in the outfits, that I'm asking if someone who has more experience than me could possibly fix. Enjoy!

580.00 B | By Anonymous
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The same as supershield for Nova and Override.

Kestrel Plus
19.00 kB | By General Cade Smart
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Kestrel Plus allows you to get a Kestrel that is stronger than the one you get from the Deliver Kestrel Parts mission. And stronger than the Kestrel itself! The Atinoda Kestrel. You get a ship that has as much shields as a Confederate Frigate, as much armor as a Confederate Cruiser, and more Torpedoes than any ship in the galexy. You also have two Torpedo launchers. You get 3 Proton Turrets and 6 Proton Cannons for more primary weapons power than any ship in the galaxy. You also get four Lightnings, which I have seen that they can destroy a Kestrel by themselves. You have 200 tons of weapon space, meaning you can buy anything you want. Like dozens of Torpedoes and still have a lot space left over. 160 tons of cargo space means you can buy a lot of Mass Expansions to get even more weapon space. Compatible with my other plug-in Blackthorne Kestrel, so you can use both of them at the same time.

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