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3.10 MB | By Anonymous
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This is a ship guide to Kris Hausers' Star Wars 2 Plug-in. It hopefuly will help you buying ships by being able to compare their capabilities. I have also added my opinion to the ships, so my experiance can help as well. At the end you will find a preview of ships in Star Wars 3, the Resurection. These ships will be in the plug being created by Kris Hauser and myself.

Velociteers Guide
231.00 kB | By Anonymous
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Greetings, I am Captain Rusty Ironworks, and I have written this guide to help the beginning space traveler so that he (or she) does not have to endure the hardships and strife that I had to survive when I started working the space lines. To start out, I have compiled a list of all the ships and the descriptions that are written next to the picture in the Shipyard. I will write my views on the ships in italicized blue writing below the description.

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