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2.10 MB | By chris
118 votes. Add yours:

Do you remember the first Escape Velocity game? One of the best plugins was Clavius And Beyond from DYNA Systems. With EV Classic for Nova v.1.0.1 (can be found here) you can play Escape Velocity running through the Nova engine (EV Nova 1.1.0) on Mac OS. With the help of SpacePort from hypermike and some minor adjustments it is now possible to play ClaviusAndBeyond in this environment as a plugin. 3D-Originals 1.2.2 from A. Weik are included. Have fun. chris

Miners Heaven WIN
1.80 kB | By Anonymous
10 votes. Add yours:

Another fun plug. This Plugin creates a new system with a planet called "Mining Depot" Which is just that, a place to sell all minable materials for high prices, and where you can outfit your ship with mining outfits. One jump away from the depot, you have three different systems each with only their specific asteroid. Fun, Easy Money! made by bassman. Contact: bassman2k4@yahoo.com

NeoPlanets Beta 2
4.50 MB | By TheBluePlanet
112 votes. Add yours:

NeoPlanets is a graphical update for Escape Velocity Nova, originally hatched in 2007. Replaces the planet graphics, or spöbs, with new, larger, more visually appealing graphics. This is a beta version and is thus not perfect, though it is a major graphical upgrade.

33.00 kB | By Anonymous
19 votes. Add yours:

This update will fix some issues using the resource editors of NovaTools 1.0.1. This modification is an update, not a replacement for Novatools 1.0.1. Complete installation instructions are provided in the download package. For any questions email me (see ReadMe for email address).

14.00 MB | By Anonymous
277 votes. Add yours:

Note: The PlugPack is a package of 10 seperate plug-ins so you are able to choose your favorite features by yourself. Read the documentation for more info! Features: Choose from 201 new balanced outfits (i. e. Bank Accounts, Starbridge D/E upgrades, Fake ID's, Inertial Damper/Remover, Crew Quarters, Officers, Weapon Construction Bay, Vell-os abilities, new weapon types, and a bunch of other exotic new technologies) to equip your ship and get three new types of ships (new graphics) to escort you as well as two new ships (new graphics) for own use, buy your own shipyard in the Spica system and produce ships which you are able to sell or use for your own desires, choose from 23 different starting characters and start playing the game your way, get to Las Vegas and become a member of the GRN to fly three different types of racing missions and push your income, get the experience of colored target pictures, be able to visit S7evyn at any time you want, get 17 different paint jobs at the Paint Station in the Zel system, be able to see detailed ingame information about any outfit available (armor ratings, damage, shield recharge, etc.), see the amazing new shield bubbles and use the newest version of the ShipVariants plug-in. For any suggestions, improvements, bugs you have found or spelling and/or grammar mistakes e-mail me to (see documentation for email address).

14.00 MB | By David Arthur
14 votes. Add yours:

MissionComputer is a scenario & plug-in editor for the Escape Velocity games. Version 4.2.1 improves the functionality of the government classes window and the oütf and wëap editors, and fixes known bugs. (Requires Mac OS 10.3 or higher.)

83.00 B | By Anonymous
201 votes. Add yours:

ARPIA2 is a massive EV Nova plug-in, featuring graphics by ATMOS and other eminent graphic designers of the community. ARPIA2 adds three major storylines woven in parallel: the Regular member, the Shadow Warrior and the Public Figure. In ARPIA2 you get to choose your path. But beware: one choice can change the future, and the future holds many surprises… Do you have what it takes? It has always been everyone's dream to fight off entire fleets by oneself, to become a big-time rich trader, to do covert ops and to know everyone, everywhere. Well, here's your chance. Clicking on the download link will redirect you to the ARPIA2 download page. Creator: Peter "Pace" Craddock, contact at www.arpia.be

EV Bible
221.00 kB | By Anonymous
21 votes. Add yours:

This is version 1.0 of EV Bible. EV Bible is a program for plugin developers that organizes and stores the EV bibles for both EV Override (which pertains to EV orginal as well) and EVN. This application was coded by Alan Smith (cheers) and UI was designed by Robert Friedland (me). This application has been tested and is very stable. Runs on OSX 10.3.9 and OSX 10.4 Tiger. It may work on earlier OSX versions and is PowerPC only. Version 2.0 will have many more features and updates are still to come. Check this website: http://www.youtellme.meadowsweetfarm.com/index.htm for updates, news, and a full description with screenshots on this application. Questions, comments, suggestions? Send me an e-mail at trinix@sbcglobal.net. Thanks.

WIN-Hypergate fix
25.00 kB | By Anonymous
6 votes. Add yours:

WIN plug: This reactivates all(most all) the dead hypergates and reconnects them to the network in a logical fashion. I know there are two other similar plugs, but this one is for WIN EVN. Also includes an expensive "Forged Hypergate Pass" outfit. It will get you unlimited access to the Hypergate network... Just be sure to dodge Bureau and Dechtakar scans -- they want it as badly as you do! kudos to Trooper1023 at bjhaberman@prodigy.net

Cloak Guns
1.30 kB | By Anonymous
28 votes. Add yours:

Cloaked Guns Have you ever tried to dominate a planets when your shields and armor arereally low and you just have to run away? Well, this is it. The cloaked guns. No mass,no payment needed. Now you can freely shoot other ships when they can't find you! Isn't that fun? This package include one beam and one gun that you can shoot while cloaking. It also has a cloaking device free and no mass as well included. Questions, comments at terry_fullysick@hotmail.com THANKS!

Thorium Reactor folder
1.10 kB | By Anonymous
10 votes. Add yours:

My Third plug-in this plug works with EVN 1.0.5. Shield Charger and overdrive plug-ins works with EVN 1.0.5 also I forgot to type that in with the other plug-ins. Now that I got that out of the way. This Plug-in has one outfit the Thorium Reactor if you can aford 4 million credits and have 8 tons of free mass you will have a nice Reactor for a little speed increase and charging your ship. You can only buy two. I don't know if it will work on 1.0.0 to 1.0.4? I only tested it on 1.0.5! My e-mail is RobertPhoenix978@aol.com I am also working on a plug-in so you can buy long-range Poloron Torpedos for EVN 1.0.5 had a few problems every ship that has Poloron Torpedo Launcher shots the long range Torpedos.

1.50 MB | By Anonymous
15 votes. Add yours:

By David Arthur. This simple utility converts EV Nova plug-ins from the Windows '.rez' format back into standard Macintosh plug-ins, now with improved support for EVNEW-made plug-ins. (1.0.1 for both Mac OS X and Classic)

3.00 MB | By Anonymous
8 votes. Add yours:

By David Arthur. A scenario editor for the three Escape Velocity games, which provides graphical editors for many resources and RDL scripts for all others. Includes integrated Resource Copier, Target Generator, Plug-in Generator, and Make RLE utilities. (Mac OS X PowerPC version 3.1)

3.80 MB | By Anonymous
8 votes. Add yours:

By David Arthur. A wide-ranging scenario and resource editor for the three Escape Velocity games. This latest version features re-arranged editors for easier access and a number of other improvements. (3.3.1 Classic Edition)

New Side Bars
702.00 kB | By Josh "Hellraizer" begent
8 votes. Add yours:

This is not a plugin but just three images that you can use in your plugins. It includes a new fed side bar, a new auroran side bar, and a template so you can make rebel side bars or side bars for plugins that include new races.

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