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2.10 MB | By chris
182 votes. Add yours:

Do you remember the first Escape Velocity game? One of the best plugins was Clavius And Beyond from DYNA Systems. With EV Classic for Nova v.1.0.1 (can be found here) you can play Escape Velocity running through the Nova engine (EV Nova 1.1.0) on Mac OS. With the help of SpacePort from hypermike and some minor adjustments it is now possible to play ClaviusAndBeyond in this environment as a plugin. 3D-Originals 1.2.2 from A. Weik are included. Have fun. chris

83.00 B | By Anonymous
209 votes. Add yours:

ARPIA2 is a massive EV Nova plug-in, featuring graphics by ATMOS and other eminent graphic designers of the community. ARPIA2 adds three major storylines woven in parallel: the Regular member, the Shadow Warrior and the Public Figure. In ARPIA2 you get to choose your path. But beware: one choice can change the future, and the future holds many surprises… Do you have what it takes? It has always been everyone's dream to fight off entire fleets by oneself, to become a big-time rich trader, to do covert ops and to know everyone, everywhere. Well, here's your chance. Clicking on the download link will redirect you to the ARPIA2 download page. Creator: Peter "Pace" Craddock, contact at www.arpia.be

14.00 MB | By Anonymous
304 votes. Add yours:

Note: The PlugPack is a package of 10 seperate plug-ins so you are able to choose your favorite features by yourself. Read the documentation for more info! Features: Choose from 201 new balanced outfits (i. e. Bank Accounts, Starbridge D/E upgrades, Fake ID's, Inertial Damper/Remover, Crew Quarters, Officers, Weapon Construction Bay, Vell-os abilities, new weapon types, and a bunch of other exotic new technologies) to equip your ship and get three new types of ships (new graphics) to escort you as well as two new ships (new graphics) for own use, buy your own shipyard in the Spica system and produce ships which you are able to sell or use for your own desires, choose from 23 different starting characters and start playing the game your way, get to Las Vegas and become a member of the GRN to fly three different types of racing missions and push your income, get the experience of colored target pictures, be able to visit S7evyn at any time you want, get 17 different paint jobs at the Paint Station in the Zel system, be able to see detailed ingame information about any outfit available (armor ratings, damage, shield recharge, etc.), see the amazing new shield bubbles and use the newest version of the ShipVariants plug-in. For any suggestions, improvements, bugs you have found or spelling and/or grammar mistakes e-mail me to (see documentation for email address).

NeoPlanets Beta 2
4.50 MB | By TheBluePlanet
128 votes. Add yours:

NeoPlanets is a graphical update for Escape Velocity Nova, originally hatched in 2007. Replaces the planet graphics, or spöbs, with new, larger, more visually appealing graphics. This is a beta version and is thus not perfect, though it is a major graphical upgrade.

EV Classic for Nova
7.50 MB | By Guy
109 votes. Add yours:

Ambrosia Software's original Escape Velocity finds new life on the EV Nova engine. This faithful reproduction of the first game in the EV series is designed to look and feel as much like the original as possible, giving that same classic gameplay experience.

Check your calendar: It's 2246, and the galaxy just isn't what it used to be. Spacefaring pirates roam free, civil war rages, and simple traders cheat death to make a living. Welcome to life in the 23rd century!

EV Override for Nova
8.60 MB | By Guy
106 votes. Add yours:

Ambrosia Software's EV Override finds new life on the EV Nova engine. This faithful reproduction of the second game in the EV series is designed to look and feel as much like the original as possible, giving that same classic gameplay experience.

The brutal Voinian war wages on, with no end in sight. The hated foes are bent on destroying humankind with their exceptionally powerful space fleet. Because of the war effort, much of space is still unexplored. Are there other aliens to meet, trade with and learn from? Can the galaxy ever attain true peace?

Colosseum 1.1 Part 2
17.00 MB | By Anonymous
10 votes. Add yours:

JoshTigerheart's Department of Total Conversions presents to you the first Escape Velocity Nova TC to be released in years: Colosseum! Colosseum is a small, combat oriented TC that has seen two years of development time to bring one solid, challenging gameplay package. Experience combat on the EV engine as never before with Colosseum's selection of interesting weapons and ships, as well as the ability to customize your fighter down to essential components such as the engine and shield generator However, though the focus is on winning battles to advance your rank, other groups are at work and Colosseum features a storyline to go along with your progress. The Colosseum Part 2 package includes CTC Graphics and CTC Dev Screenshots. Many people have contributed to the development of this total conversion, see the full credits both in-game and in the readme for all who participated even a tiny amount. This TC is in Mac format, Windows users will need to convert. Got questions, comments, bug reports, or planetary tribute? Look through the contact information found in the readme. Make sure to download Part 1 as well! Also, this is a complete update and replaces all older files.

More Ships
24.00 kB | By Anonymous
28 votes. Add yours:

Ever wonder why Earth was the home of humanity and yet there were only about 7 ships around the system at any given day? Well, this plugin ups the number of ships around those hotspots in the galaxy, such as Sol, Alphara, the Polaris outer defense systems, and parts of the Auroran Empire. This is a Windows plugin so Mac users will have to convert. WARNING: If you have a slow computer this plugin will cause graphical lag. Enjoy, made by BuggerPlugger. Comments to buggerplugger@yahoo.com

Qaanol's Plug-ins 1.1
586.00 kB | By Qaanol
62 votes. Add yours:

Qaanol's Plug-ins fix several bugged weapons in EV Nova. They make multiple Ion Cannons, BRLs, and TBRLs stack damage, Hail Chainguns stack properly, and Vell-os abilities lost on eject able to be relearned. You can also browse the Imperial Archives to read about and see pictures of alien ships and outfits that would otherwise remain hidden in the data files. There are five different ways to fix the broken beams, so pick your favorite. Without a fix, 8 Ion Cannons are no better than 1.

Made by Qaanol. Version 1.1 released January, 2010, for EV Nova 1.1 and 1.0.A.

Advanced Fighter Variants
85.00 kB | By Mk.32
30 votes. Add yours:

This plugin grants the appropiate fighter bays that were previously blocked out by EV Nova, such as the Rebel Viper, Interceptor Class. Additional variants include the Auroran Phoenix, Frunch'ek Class, Federation Anaconda, Auroran Outfits Detected, Pirate Viper, Missile Variant and many others; including a forum-requested Rebel Thunderhead Bay. The player is allocated the appropiate fighters for which storyline the player has undertaken. Note that this plugin may conflict with various plugins that modify core principles of the game, such as various cheat plugins. Created with MissionComputer, tested on EVN v.1.0.10 on a Macintosh PPC. Contact information is Mk.32 on the forums or email supplied on the plugin splash screen.

563.00 kB | By Anonymous
23 votes. Add yours:

This plug-in adds a brand new ship, the stolen Lohengrin Federation Battle Carrier. Pic: http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k128/raycrasher/Lohengrin.jpg Brought to you by Claimh Solais.

14.00 MB | By David Arthur
17 votes. Add yours:

MissionComputer is a scenario & plug-in editor for the Escape Velocity games. Version 4.2.1 improves the functionality of the government classes window and the oütf and wëap editors, and fixes known bugs. (Requires Mac OS 10.3 or higher.)

54.00 kB | By Anonymous
9 votes. Add yours:

The first update of NewBalance, this plug has refined some of the extremes that the original took in the name of gameplay "balance" and now covers a wider selection of armaments. Like the original, this plug changes only the weapon and outfit resources, leaving most of your other plug-ins completely untouched but still altering the gaming experience. Do you want a new challange but aren't interested in a TC? Then feel free to give NewBalance 1.1 a spin! You can find me at fishloaf@hotmail.com

657.00 kB | By Anonymous
10 votes. Add yours:

Combat Drone is a fairly simple modification. Creates a new weapon (Combat Drones) and the Bay to hold them along with the weapon it uses. a short range turreted beam gun. nothing particularly strong or invulnerable so its not a cheat. Graphics by ArcAngelCounterstrike

7.80 MB | By Anonymous
278 votes. Add yours:

Choose one of 22 different characters to play with, buy 151 new balanced outfits (i.e. Bank Accounts, Starbridge D/E upgrades, Fake IDs, Mining Team, Inertial Damper, Crew Quarters, Officers, PD Weapons, Weapon Construction Bay, many new weapon types, and much more...) that are totaly integrated into the EVN universe, hire/buy 2 new ships (new graphics), buy your own shipyard and produce ships wich you are able to sell, fly three different types of racing missions from the GalacticRacingNetwork on Las Vegas, see the totaly new target pictures and use the newest version of the ShipVariants (Note: The included ShipVariants plug-in is a special version only for use with the PlugPack). Thats the PlugPack v16. Download it now! Note: The PlugPack is a package of 6 seperate plug-ins so you are able to choose your favorite features by yourself. Note: Dont use older versions of this plug with EVN 1.0.6! Please mail me your suggestions or improvements: BuchholzChris@web.de

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