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CamSti Enterprises Viper Bay and Fighter
292.00 kB | By AviKerensky
5 votes. Add yours:

CamSti Enterprises presents its first product: The CamSti Viper Bay and Fighter! This bay holds up to eight fighters, and is even legal in Federation Space! My first plug-in. Email me with comments/concerns: Sailorkerensky@yahoo.com. Please make sure to put \'Escape Velocity\' in the subject line, so I don\'t dismiss it as spam. PLEASE tell me if I screwed it up. I do not know if it is compatible with other plugs, so experiment! Let me know what you think. Additional thanks go to \'Jalisurr\' and \'DarthKev\' for their assistance. If it weren\'t for them, I never would have figured out how to work the editor. Still learning, at any rate, so email me comments!

Purple Destroyer
175.00 kB | By Michael Llenos
4 votes. Add yours:

This is a cheap, but powerful, ship that can take on most threats. It has my Holiday Torpedoes in it too. --Just to make sure you guys got it, I\'m downloading it again.

Ten Bays 1.0 .rez
30.00 kB | By DrKillemQuik
12 votes. Add yours:

This is my first plug-in and its a super cheat plugin for Bays. I made bays for Ten different ships that dont normally get to be in a Bay. Ships are; Raven, Thunderforge, Vellos javelin, Wraith Adult, Fed Carrier Heavy Fighter variant, Fed Patrolboat Gunship class, Arora Carrier, Unrelenting, Krypt Pod, Pirate Carrier Heavy Weapons. I made them all with no cost or mass + theres 100 of each. The pictures are all wrong but the Bays and Ships work completely fine. Use my plug-in at your will, credit not needed. -DrKillemQuik

Defense Laser
56.00 kB | By Anonymous
6 votes. Add yours:

This plug adds a new outfit called the defense laser.

Fixed light blaster in this version.

ASW Broccoli Logo
106.00 kB | By JoshTigerheart
5 votes. Add yours:

Did you love Ambrosia's logo in April where it went green for a day? Thanks to JoshTigerheart's Department of Useless Plugs, now you can have that healthy green vegetable represent Ambrosia every time you start up Nova! This plug-in should be compatible with just about every one of them out there, even a total conversion!

Super Weapons Beta
27.00 kB | By Plug Maker
5 votes. Add yours:

This plug adds 2 weapons, the death beam and the disable beam. It's a beta so if you have any problems, contact me at IJE98@aol.com.

New Side Bars
702.00 kB | By Josh "Hellraizer" begent
10 votes. Add yours:

This is not a plugin but just three images that you can use in your plugins. It includes a new fed side bar, a new auroran side bar, and a template so you can make rebel side bars or side bars for plugins that include new races.

Buyable Ships (For EVC Port)
2.40 kB | By PsyckoSama
4 votes. Add yours:

This plug-in is for the EV Classic Mod port to EV Nova. It simply makes ships the player is normally restricted from using available to both buy and hire.

EV Override for Nova
8.60 MB | By Guy
113 votes. Add yours:

Ambrosia Software's EV Override finds new life on the EV Nova engine. This faithful reproduction of the second game in the EV series is designed to look and feel as much like the original as possible, giving that same classic gameplay experience.

The brutal Voinian war wages on, with no end in sight. The hated foes are bent on destroying humankind with their exceptionally powerful space fleet. Because of the war effort, much of space is still unexplored. Are there other aliens to meet, trade with and learn from? Can the galaxy ever attain true peace?

EV Classic for Nova
7.50 MB | By Guy
120 votes. Add yours:

Ambrosia Software's original Escape Velocity finds new life on the EV Nova engine. This faithful reproduction of the first game in the EV series is designed to look and feel as much like the original as possible, giving that same classic gameplay experience.

Check your calendar: It's 2246, and the galaxy just isn't what it used to be. Spacefaring pirates roam free, civil war rages, and simple traders cheat death to make a living. Welcome to life in the 23rd century!

Pirate and Police Concept
38.00 kB | By JoshTigerheart
3 votes. Add yours:

Pirate and Police Concept is a plug-in helpful for plug-in developers and TC creators. The idea, explained in more detail in the readme, was originally presented for the Open Source TC. It focuses on creating a more realistic system of handling piracy involving civillians, police, military, and pirates who may hide themselves or openly wave their flags. While the plug is "playable", it is meant for the use for large plug-in and TC development purposes and isn't intended for the average user. The ideas within may be used with credit given. The plug-in is presented as is and will not have any future updates. Question or comments? Please contact me via PM on the boards or through email in the address found in the Read Me.

2.10 MB | By chris
194 votes. Add yours:

Do you remember the first Escape Velocity game? One of the best plugins was Clavius And Beyond from DYNA Systems. With EV Classic for Nova v.1.0.1 (can be found here) you can play Escape Velocity running through the Nova engine (EV Nova 1.1.0) on Mac OS. With the help of SpacePort from hypermike and some minor adjustments it is now possible to play ClaviusAndBeyond in this environment as a plugin. 3D-Originals 1.2.2 from A. Weik are included. Have fun. chris

Holiday Torpedoes v.2.1
22.00 kB | By Michael Llenos
13 votes. Add yours:

These red, green, blue, and purple torpedoes, I believe, are fun to fire off during the Holiday Season. Enjoy!

The DarthKev Plug
2.20 MB | By DarthKev & Kronos
14 votes. Add yours:

Hello EVN Community. This is the _final_ version of The DarthKev Plug, this time with help from a newcomer, Kronos! The two of us have been working on my first TC, Heroes of the Stars, or HOTS for short. It has not been well advertised, so you may not have heard of it.

I didn't like how this plug was before we fixed it, but with Kronos' help, it is now finished. Featuring new ship graphics straight from HOTS, it looks almost like a brand new plug-in! Also, it is now completely compatible with Plug Pack v18! All graphics are not of my work nor Kronos'. A few are simply EVN graphics with the colors changed, others are borrowed from other plugs, and a few are from online shipyards.

For more info, read the ReadMe. And keep an eye out here and on the Ambrosia Forums; once HOTS is finished, it will be announced on the forums.

UPDATED 10/9/2010: Yeah, I said the other one was the final version, but I made a silent update and never uploaded it to the Add-Ons page. Here it is, version 3.0.2. No more updates after this one. My e-mail is in the ReadMe as usual if you have questions.

Mass Drivers
35.00 kB | By matthew
2 votes. Add yours:

This is a little plugin inspired by PlugPack V18's mass driver. All it does is adds 2 new weapons, the scatter mass driver, and the missile mass driver. This plugin is not balanced. Fell free to use any of the weapons in this plugin in other plugins without crediting me.

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