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Planetary Domination Rewards
15.00 kB | By Anonymous
11 votes. Add yours:

This plug-in is designed to give added incentive for planetary domination: once dominated, the full range of technology (both ships and outfits) that planet has to offer will be available, regardless of which storyline you have completed. Also included is a "Cleaner" plug-in, which will remove any new ncbs, invisible outfits, and deactivate new missions if you choose to uninstall. See Read Me for full details. These are .rez files created with EVNEW, Mac users will need to convert them! Comments? Questions? Bugs? Send an email to slouch@stonerrock.net.

15.00 MB | By Anonymous
22 votes. Add yours:

By David Arthur. MissionComputer is a comprehensive editor for the Escape Velocity games. Version 4 adds ship and weapon editors, and the ability to edit several resources at once - 4.0.1 fixes a bug in the Copy command and makes minor usability improvements. Requires Mac OS 10.3 or higher on Intel or PowerPC.

EV Bible
221.00 kB | By Anonymous
23 votes. Add yours:

This is version 1.0 of EV Bible. EV Bible is a program for plugin developers that organizes and stores the EV bibles for both EV Override (which pertains to EV orginal as well) and EVN. This application was coded by Alan Smith (cheers) and UI was designed by Robert Friedland (me). This application has been tested and is very stable. Runs on OSX 10.3.9 and OSX 10.4 Tiger. It may work on earlier OSX versions and is PowerPC only. Version 2.0 will have many more features and updates are still to come. Check this website: http://www.youtellme.meadowsweetfarm.com/index.htm for updates, news, and a full description with screenshots on this application. Questions, comments, suggestions? Send me an e-mail at trinix@sbcglobal.net. Thanks.

Qaanols Plug-ins
549.00 kB | By Anonymous
48 votes. Add yours:

Qaanol's Plug-ins fix several bugged weapons in EV Nova 1.0.10. They make multiple Ion Cannons, BRLs, and TBRLs stack damage, Vell-os weapons form only 1 beam at a time, Hail Chainguns stack properly, and psychic abilities lost on eject able to be relearned. You can also browse the Imperial Archives to read about and see pictures of alien ships and outfits that would otherwise remain hidden in the data files. There are five different ways to fix the broken beams, so pick your favorite. Without a fix, 8 Ion Cannons are no better than 1. Made by Qaanol, email address in readme.

Miners Heaven WIN
1.80 kB | By Anonymous
13 votes. Add yours:

Another fun plug. This Plugin creates a new system with a planet called "Mining Depot" Which is just that, a place to sell all minable materials for high prices, and where you can outfit your ship with mining outfits. One jump away from the depot, you have three different systems each with only their specific asteroid. Fun, Easy Money! made by bassman. Contact: bassman2k4@yahoo.com

56.00 kB | By Anonymous
253 votes. Add yours:

Now compatible with Nova 1.0.6. This plugin allows you to buy every variant of every ship in Nova. It also permits you to buy variant fighter bays. It is not a cheat, as you have to be able to buy the regular version of a ship before you are allowed to buy its variants. This version works extremely well, and fixes every bug and other issue that was brought to my attention since the first release. I know people who enjoy this plugin so much that they don't play without it. There is a readme included, which explains precisely what has been changed. Talk to me at dbrauer@hfx.andara.com

More Ships
24.00 kB | By Anonymous
29 votes. Add yours:

Ever wonder why Earth was the home of humanity and yet there were only about 7 ships around the system at any given day? Well, this plugin ups the number of ships around those hotspots in the galaxy, such as Sol, Alphara, the Polaris outer defense systems, and parts of the Auroran Empire. This is a Windows plugin so Mac users will have to convert. WARNING: If you have a slow computer this plugin will cause graphical lag. Enjoy, made by BuggerPlugger. Comments to buggerplugger@yahoo.com

7.80 MB | By Anonymous
280 votes. Add yours:

Choose one of 22 different characters to play with, buy 151 new balanced outfits (i.e. Bank Accounts, Starbridge D/E upgrades, Fake IDs, Mining Team, Inertial Damper, Crew Quarters, Officers, PD Weapons, Weapon Construction Bay, many new weapon types, and much more...) that are totaly integrated into the EVN universe, hire/buy 2 new ships (new graphics), buy your own shipyard and produce ships wich you are able to sell, fly three different types of racing missions from the GalacticRacingNetwork on Las Vegas, see the totaly new target pictures and use the newest version of the ShipVariants (Note: The included ShipVariants plug-in is a special version only for use with the PlugPack). Thats the PlugPack v16. Download it now! Note: The PlugPack is a package of 6 seperate plug-ins so you are able to choose your favorite features by yourself. Note: Dont use older versions of this plug with EVN 1.0.6! Please mail me your suggestions or improvements: BuchholzChris@web.de

Advanced Fighter Variants
85.00 kB | By Mk.32
31 votes. Add yours:

This plugin grants the appropiate fighter bays that were previously blocked out by EV Nova, such as the Rebel Viper, Interceptor Class. Additional variants include the Auroran Phoenix, Frunch'ek Class, Federation Anaconda, Auroran Outfits Detected, Pirate Viper, Missile Variant and many others; including a forum-requested Rebel Thunderhead Bay. The player is allocated the appropiate fighters for which storyline the player has undertaken. Note that this plugin may conflict with various plugins that modify core principles of the game, such as various cheat plugins. Created with MissionComputer, tested on EVN v.1.0.10 on a Macintosh PPC. Contact information is Mk.32 on the forums or email supplied on the plugin splash screen.

35.00 kB | By Anonymous
205 votes. Add yours:

These are the first 2 chapters of a proposed 16 chapter plug-in which completely changes the storyline of EV Nova. Think of it as a pilot episode no more will be created if the response is not good.

Inertialess Striker
288.00 B | By Anonymous
16 votes. Add yours:

This cheater plug-in makes the default "New Pilot" character have the Inertialess Striker, one of the more elusive, rare ships out there. Made with Windows, works around the single-character bug. Macs obviously need the plug-in convertor. You can e-mail the author, MoveZig, at speedybug256@gmail.com.

Anathema v1.2.1
18.00 MB | By Anonymous
32 votes. Add yours:

Anathema Ch. 2 v1.2.1 This download replaces the old Anathema files (any version), updating it to v1.2.1. It fixes various bugs and comes with a few features, including the 50+ page walkthrough and new copies of the pilot files. This is the recommended method of patching Anathema. It has been more thoroughly tested and is more full-featured than the Fixer-Upper. Make sure to remove the v1.1 Fixer-Upper if it is installed. Mac format, Windows users will need to convert.

EVN Bible HTML.sit
204.00 kB | By Anonymous
19 votes. Add yours:

This is an HTML version of the EV Nova Bible. It features a table of contents, internal links to resources, and easily readable (light on dark) text. Included are links for iCab, Internet Explorer, and Netscape, but the files can be dragged to any browser for viewing. By Bacchus Freeware/Publishing (John 'Talos' Krauss), version 1.0. Distributed with permission from andrew. Questions, suggestions, and comments should be emailed to talos@bacchusfreeware.com. Note: this is 'identical' to the previous one I submitted. Unfortunately, that didn't work. A duplicate file can be found at http://www.bacchusfreeware.com/EV_Nova_Bible_HTML.sit.hqx if this one doesn't work either.

1.20 MB | By Anonymous
19 votes. Add yours:

By David Arthur. A scenario editor for all three games of the Escape Velocity series which provides graphical editors for the char, cron, desc, dude, flet, govt, intf, junk, misn, pers, PICT, STR, STR, and year resources, and template-based editors for all others. Includes integrated Resource Copier and Target Generator utilities. (Mac OS X Edition)

Explosion Revamp v1.0.1
6.40 MB | By Anonymous
21 votes. Add yours:

Explosion Revamp v1.0 Explosion revamp basically replaces all of the missile explosions and adds eleven unique ship explosions that depend on the size of the ship that is explosing. It even adds a cool new ship breakup blast! With this plugin, you will not see any ugly pepper-like blasts around an explosion. All you will see is a single, large, high quality blast. Comments, questions, or complaints go to snodbytch@cox.net.

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