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2.10 MB | By chris
194 votes. Add yours:

Do you remember the first Escape Velocity game? One of the best plugins was Clavius And Beyond from DYNA Systems. With EV Classic for Nova v.1.0.1 (can be found here) you can play Escape Velocity running through the Nova engine (EV Nova 1.1.0) on Mac OS. With the help of SpacePort from hypermike and some minor adjustments it is now possible to play ClaviusAndBeyond in this environment as a plugin. 3D-Originals 1.2.2 from A. Weik are included. Have fun. chris

14.00 MB | By David Arthur
16 votes. Add yours:

MissionComputer 4.2 is a scenario & plug-in editor for the Escape Velocity games. Version 4.2 adds the ability to tabulate a government's class memberships, allies, and enemies; a more effective STR# editor and Window menu; and several smaller improvements. (Requires Mac OS 10.3 or higher.)

WinNova Resolution Patcher
2.10 MB | By Kikanaide
33 votes. Add yours:

A new resolution patcher for WinNova, allowing Windows users of EV Nova to run the game at any resolution of their choice rather than being stuck at 1024x768. This program works with the latest version of Nova and includes all the goodies from Guy's original patcher.

Holiday Torpedoes v.2.1
22.00 kB | By Michael Llenos
13 votes. Add yours:

These red, green, blue, and purple torpedoes, I believe, are fun to fire off during the Holiday Season. Enjoy!

The DarthKev Plug
2.20 MB | By DarthKev & Kronos
14 votes. Add yours:

Hello EVN Community. This is the _final_ version of The DarthKev Plug, this time with help from a newcomer, Kronos! The two of us have been working on my first TC, Heroes of the Stars, or HOTS for short. It has not been well advertised, so you may not have heard of it.

I didn't like how this plug was before we fixed it, but with Kronos' help, it is now finished. Featuring new ship graphics straight from HOTS, it looks almost like a brand new plug-in! Also, it is now completely compatible with Plug Pack v18! All graphics are not of my work nor Kronos'. A few are simply EVN graphics with the colors changed, others are borrowed from other plugs, and a few are from online shipyards.

For more info, read the ReadMe. And keep an eye out here and on the Ambrosia Forums; once HOTS is finished, it will be announced on the forums.

UPDATED 10/9/2010: Yeah, I said the other one was the final version, but I made a silent update and never uploaded it to the Add-Ons page. Here it is, version 3.0.2. No more updates after this one. My e-mail is in the ReadMe as usual if you have questions.

Mass Drivers
35.00 kB | By matthew
2 votes. Add yours:

This is a little plugin inspired by PlugPack V18's mass driver. All it does is adds 2 new weapons, the scatter mass driver, and the missile mass driver. This plugin is not balanced. Fell free to use any of the weapons in this plugin in other plugins without crediting me.

Rebel Yell 1.3.5
4.60 MB | By TonyR
5 votes. Add yours:

I said 1.3.4 would be the last. I lied. This one allows those pilots that completed the Rebel I story to play this plug without having to use the Line1 fix2 plug. Otherwise, it's the same as 1.3.4.

Those who did the Rebel II story can use this or the earlier version plug.

Sorry it took so long to get this version up. A .rez version for Windows is included.

Modified Zephyr
1.70 kB | By Chance Helmuth
5 votes. Add yours:

This is my second or third plugin, so it might be a little buggy. If so, contact me at the email in the readme file. Modified Zephyr just replaces the original Zephyr model with that of the Fed Scout Ship. The reason for this was because the big black panel or whatever it is on the front of the Zephyr always bothered me. The ship is exactly the same otherwise.

This plugin does not conflict with Plug Pack v18 or Quaanol's fixes, both of which I highly recommend. Use at own risk with other plugins.

EVO Weapons
1.30 MB | By Spartan Jai
1 votes. Add yours:

So I was playing the port for EVO, and decided it didn't have weapons. So I added some. Plug contains Six new weapons. Mac and PC files included. Contact me with bugs, comments, and threats on my life at ajosiahw@gmail.com

ULGC Rebel Viper
282.00 kB | By Spartan Jai
4 votes. Add yours:

This plugin contains a new ship and four new outfits. The new ship is an Upgraded Light Gunboat Class Viper. How is it upgraded? Well, let's just say it's sort of a cheat more than a plug. Anyway, includes a bay for the ULGC Viper w/viper (can be purchased in shipyard also). Also includes heavy blasters, and a new beam.

Halo Weapons Pack
13.00 MB | By Spartan Ja
5 votes. Add yours:

This plug is for all of the Halo fans out there who wanted to have a little taste of Halo space combat. Sure, there aren't any ships from Halo, but watch for that soon a.k.a. a few months... Anyway this pack includes everything from cannons to nukes. It's pretty cool. Just one file. Made on a Mac. PC .rez file included. Make sure you read the ReadMe...

Satori for EVN
2.80 MB | By skylark
2 votes. Add yours:

Greetings and aloha to you all.

This plug is something I started years ago when I wanted to change the ship stats in EVN to better reflect what I could best imagine being balanced. The bulk of the modifications in Satori are to ship stats. However, it's also overflowed to varying degrees into outfits, weapons, some misssions, spobs, systems, dudes, pers and some other things. There are many tweaks and adjustments to things that I thought would make for better gameplay and/or realism. Satori is something of a middle ground between what my best educated guess is as to what would be realistic, enjoyable gameplay, nova engine limits, and my own time and energy limits.


12.00 MB | By Anonymous
5 votes. Add yours:

This contains some of the most essential plug-ins ever. Everything from more shield to gatling turrets, it's all here. Made on a Mac, but the PC .rez files were included in a separate folder. Works on Nova versions 1.0.10 and up.

SkipMerrol 2
2.50 kB | By TonyR
4 votes. Add yours:

This is the second Version of SkipMerrol. In the first one I forgot to include the Merrol missions for the Pirate story. Oops.

This cheat is for skipping the repetitious missions from Merrol, so you get on with the story. All the missions are available at the MissionBBS on Merrol. There are both Mac and PC versions of the plug.

Borg Plug-in
5.20 MB | By Arringfray
42 votes. Add yours:

This plug-in includes 4 Borg ships, the Rectangle, Diamond, Sphere, and Cube. I have also created suitable Borg weapons to go along with the ships. Just north of Wraith space I have created some Borg space with planets and such. The Borg are not hostile and will leave you alone unless you possess "interesting" technology. There is no storyline yet as I'm still working on it. Before you download this be sure to ask yourself if you can take on the Borg...well can you?

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