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840.00 B | By Anonymous
2 votes. Add yours:

A fix for the "problem" of Bio-Weapon runs. This plugin creates a simple state of supply and demand in the bio-weapon trade, hence the name. After buying your first shipment of weapons, you have 30 days until the trade closes down. After a 65 day cooling period, bio-weapons once again become available for trade. By Restorer.

Raider plug
3.00 kB | By Anonymous
5 votes. Add yours:

All this plug does is make a new system and government, you start as a pirate in the new system with the rank of raider, this is for all you pirates! comments, suggestions, bugs, glitches, or anything else email me at mbelins1@hotmail.com, in the subjest bar to zach about plug. By zapp, WINDOWS ONLY, and in the Gravy empire and start as rebels plugs theres a typo in the email address this ones the right one.

Mining Beam 3.0
631.00 B | By Anonymous
1 votes. Add yours:

Mining beam 3.0 is here! This plug-in is perfect for those who don't have the time to mine! This beam will destroy any asteroid it comes in contact with! This is the PC version of the copy. Questions, Comments, Feedback, and death threats should go to JPNyden@att.net

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