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Zero Point Outfits
286.00 kB | By Anonymous
7 votes. Add yours:

Since nobody has yet exploited the awesome potential of vacuum energy in Nova, not even the mighty Polaris, well, by dad gum, someone had to change that. So, I took the afternoon and spent some quality time making this .rez file with EVNEW just because I needed to have a good excuse for me to feel depressed about not having the resources to make a Mac plug. The result was this: a ZPM available in a new system with a new government surprisingly close to Earth that nobody has yet discovered. It's the lost outpost of the Ancients! And, that of course, means lots of cool technology that runs on ZPMs. And then, just because I was feeling devious, I also included a devastating new gun that should just make life so much easier. So, those of you who are familiar with the Stargate universe should make good use of these new outfits. They cost a lot, but they are worth it. Plus, if you're downloading this, you are probably already a massive cheater and you have the money. These plugs were created by Pete Kruger (pkrug539@dotnet.com) Questions? Comments? Free food? Drop me a line. Read the read-me if you want to know what I'll delete and what I'll actually read.

213.00 kB | By Anonymous
4 votes. Add yours:

These rare modules can increase a ship's shielding and recharge rate up to 4 times that of normal speed. It works by extracting energy from small artificially-created subspaces. The first module was found in 677NC near the galactic northwest, it is assumed that they came here from an alternate dimension to that of ours. Some even say they saw humans firing projectile weapons at strange people with glowing eyes on a ship shaped like a triangle, but these rumors have never been verified. After the first one was found a small company by the name of "Bob's Power Supplies" created more of them on 1112NC. But they are quite expensive and only available to the highest bidder and on black markets. Robert Stever

544.00 kB | By Anonymous
7 votes. Add yours:

BigShipsHugeExplosions.zip Have you ever thought that the ship explosions are a bit lame in EVN? Just some small firecracker poofs? Well, then this plug is for you! It adds stunning graphics (NOT MINE, made by Mindfrelled, deserves HUGE amounts of credit(s) for it) and custom sound. It also makes all ship blasts way more damaging. Questions can be mailed to 'Johan_stq@hotmail.com'

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