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Add-on Files

Rhedynfre Industries
128.00 kB | By Anonymous
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Heres a bunch of stuff from a new company on the planet Farndon. This plug-in adds a system connected to Sol and has a few plug-ins. My first plug-in to be posted. More stuff to work in conjuction with this one should follow in the next few weeks. Bug reports, thank yous and the like please send to soccercam@telus.net (please put EVN in the title otherwise youll get counted as spam and deleted as soon as I check my mail. Anywho, have fun!

Purchasable Cargo Drone
1.20 kB | By PacMan
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This tiny plug-in allows you to purchase a Cargo Drone, and see how far you can get with it. I had to make this plug-in, as it seems it's not allowed to board an existing Cargo Drone. Hint: Before you buy one, complete the first Sigma mission.

The zip includes two plug-ins, one standard, and one enhanced. The enhanced one has 2 tons more cargo space.

Absolute Minimum Mac OS X
0.00 B | By Thinslayer
3 votes. Add yours:

Credit for the original goes to David \"Artanis\" Arthur from EVula. This is the Macintosh version of Absolute Minimum.

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