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563.00 kB | By Anonymous
24 votes. Add yours:

This plug-in adds a brand new ship, the stolen Lohengrin Federation Battle Carrier. Pic: http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k128/raycrasher/Lohengrin.jpg Brought to you by Claimh Solais.

815.00 kB | By Anonymous
7 votes. Add yours:

This plug-in adds shield bubbles to all the non-alien ships in the game. That means that every time a ship is shot, the ship glows. I was kind of lazy, and I didn't do different colors for different governments, but depending on how well this one does, I might make another one with a different shield-bubble-color for each government. I used Adobe Photoshop CS to make the shield bubbles, coupled with some information I obtained from an online tutorial. By X'arnor. :)

Happy Viking
257.00 kB | By Anonymous
6 votes. Add yours:

This is a very useless, but nevertheless, fun plug-in. I just bought Adobe Photoshop, and I was messing around with it, and I decided to do a few changes to the planet Viking's picture (the one that you see when you land). It is now brighter, and it has two suns. Enjoy! made by X'arnor.

14.00 MB | By Anonymous
317 votes. Add yours:

Note: The PlugPack is a package of 10 seperate plug-ins so you are able to choose your favorite features by yourself. Read the documentation for more info! Features: Choose from 201 new balanced outfits (i. e. Bank Accounts, Starbridge D/E upgrades, Fake ID's, Inertial Damper/Remover, Crew Quarters, Officers, Weapon Construction Bay, Vell-os abilities, new weapon types, and a bunch of other exotic new technologies) to equip your ship and get three new types of ships (new graphics) to escort you as well as two new ships (new graphics) for own use, buy your own shipyard in the Spica system and produce ships which you are able to sell or use for your own desires, choose from 23 different starting characters and start playing the game your way, get to Las Vegas and become a member of the GRN to fly three different types of racing missions and push your income, get the experience of colored target pictures, be able to visit S7evyn at any time you want, get 17 different paint jobs at the Paint Station in the Zel system, be able to see detailed ingame information about any outfit available (armor ratings, damage, shield recharge, etc.), see the amazing new shield bubbles and use the newest version of the ShipVariants plug-in. For any suggestions, improvements, bugs you have found or spelling and/or grammar mistakes e-mail me to (see documentation for email address).

Pilot File Ruiner
1.80 kB | By Anonymous
32 votes. Add yours:

Did your friend get that Manticore before you did? Did he become Ory'hara while you were still trying to find the Muhari homeworld? Want a way to put him in his place, to destroy that newfound ego of his? Then just slip this nifty plugin into his Plugins folder, rename it into something less conspicuous, and laugh as he loses his best pilot file! There's even pink paint to add to your amusement! Made by buggerplugger at yahoo dot com. File is in .REZ format, Mac users will need to convert. Final note: DO NOT load your most treasured pilot with this plugin! It WILL ruin it! If I find any ways to "escape" the death and depression given by this plug you'll be sure I'll fix it. Enjoy! (Hahaha...)

Corvette 1.2
5.70 kB | By Anonymous
1 votes. Add yours:

This is the second version of the Corvette plug-in. It lets you get 2 things: the light repeating turret, which is like a railgun, light or medium blaster, and light cannon all-in-one (and, of course, is turreted). you can also get the Corvette ship, which is moderately expensive, to compensate for shield/armor recharge, and firepower. it has 3 of the light repeating turrets, but doesn't have much cargo space (100 tons). it looks like a star liner. The reason for the update is a bug in the original that would not let you buy normal outfits in EV Nova. This has now been fixed, and this plug completely replaces the original. So don't put them both in at once...because...I don't know, bad things could happen. Plug by Sponge Tom. More plugs on the way if I overcome my incompetence.

235.00 kB | By Anonymous
8 votes. Add yours:

This mod adds one ship (the Revenant Starbridge) and 3 outfits (2 weapons and 1 make-your-life-easier outfit). This isn't quite a cheat, but the ship and weapons are a step above Federation technology and the ship includes some end-game Polaris outfits like a cloaking organ and multi-jump organ. The ship itself is a Pirate Starbridge with Mod-type guns on the wings. The weapons use existing sprites and sounds, but modify them to work in interesting and fun ways. By Koshinn. Note: this plug-in is in no way affiliated with the under-development TC Revenant by UE_Research + Development and Verb.

EVN Battle Arena
3.00 MB | By Anonymous
26 votes. Add yours:

EV:N Battle Arena has a single purpose: to provide an Arena that will allow the player to test their piloting skills against "super-ships" more powerful than anything currently in Nova (with the possible exception of ATMOS ships, et. al.). It is designed particularly to be challenging, providing some more difficulty and entertainment after one of the Six Major Strings has been completed. This is version 1.1, uploaded on December 11th, 2007. It was created by Kenneth "GutlessWonder" Webb. The .zip archive should contain two (2) files: "EVNBattleArenaReadMe.htm" and "EVNBattleArena.bin". Windows users will need to convert the .bin plug-in to be able to play -- instructions are included in the read-me file.

2.10 kB | By Anonymous
3 votes. Add yours:

Anathema Fixer-Uper by Archon This plugin includes a few minor fixes, such as one ship's stats and a few typos, but more importantly, fixes one weap that did not previously work and a bug that made it impossible to progress through the last few missions of Chapter 2. Other updates may be posted from time to time if new bugs are brought to my attention. To install, just drag the Fixer-Uper into your plugins folder. Do not remove the "~" from the file name or it will not properly overwrite the old information. (Mac format)

Anathema Chapter Two
18.00 MB | By Anonymous
27 votes. Add yours:

Anathema Chapter Two, by Archon. Welcome to Chapter Two of Archon's Anathema Trilogy! After guiding the economic and scientific policies of the Federation, the Director's attention turns to solidifying the Bureau's stranglehold over the rest of Humanity. Decide when to strike and when to stay your hand, gain allies and burn bridges, and lead the forces of the Federation to glorious victory. However, while you tighten your grasp around the last pockets of resistance, you may find that all is not as it seems. This plugin replaces the original Anathema Teaser. (Mac format, Windows users will need to convert.)

52.00 kB | By Anonymous
4 votes. Add yours:

V1.0 This adds spray cans to nova. You can buy them from a system through a wormhole in Sol. Each can adds a little extra to your ship too! I made this just for fun, so it's not very big yet. Released on Nov. 8 2007. Might not be compatible for windows, so keep that in mind. Made be Iggyzor.

1.20 MB | By Anonymous
6 votes. Add yours:

The original Escape Velocity plugin 'The Grinchians' has made its way to the Nova engine. Masterfully crafted by the original author, it has been converted with great care, and should be bug-free. Features devastating firepower, awesome warships and combat-intensive storylines. Ported by Consul Bob for Guy's EV port, and released on November the 7th, 2007.

65.00 kB | By Anonymous
2 votes. Add yours:

Repaired Repair Droids I was tired of the rebel string repair droids saying they repair armor and only providing a small chance of repair once dissabled, so I made it so they actually repair armor :D I also added a plugin that allows you to get the droids anywhere if you don't what to do the rebel string to get them. Send questions, comments, hate mail, and feed back to the email address provided in the readme

New ASW Logo
120.00 kB | By Anonymous
2 votes. Add yours:

JoshTigerheart's Department of Useless Plugs brings you a simple file that simply replaces the old Ambrosia logo in the intro screens with the new one found at www.ambrosiasw.com. The Department had five minutes to kill, hence its creation. If you need to send an email, it can be found in the readme. Though keep in mind, the Department did not create the logo, merely put it in a plug so you could see it in Nova.

EVO Facelift
22.00 MB | By Anonymous
17 votes. Add yours:

v1.0.3. This plug-in set is a graphical facelift for EV Override for Nova. Features include awesome 3D ship and weapon sprites, redesigned high-quality explosion graphics, Nova-sized landing, shipyard, and outfit pics, and other additions and effects. Fully compatible with both Mac and Windows. Uploaded by Guy.

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