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Reset by Raven.sit
9.30 kB | By Anonymous
37 votes. Add yours:

Finally, it is complete. Reset by Raven allows each pilot who completes a storyline to reset and continue buying upgrades and ships that were previously earned. Thus allowing players to have one pilot who has completed every single mission in the entire game! If you have any questions, comments or bugs e-mail me at ravelnze@yahoo.com.au

novatech win
12.00 kB | By Anonymous
19 votes. Add yours:

Novatech for Windows. Unlocks all ships and outfits in EV Nova (including Alien technology). Items can be purchased on Sol. Denier-of-Soup, denier.os at gmail dot com.

2.30 kB | By Anonymous
22 votes. Add yours:

For you Windows users that have been trying all these plug-ins to get credits and haven't had luck! Yes, that's right, the first plug-in for Windows that will give you credits for a mission (that I have found). All you have to do is pop it in the plug-ins folder, select the mission "blood money", go to the red arrow to pick up the cargo, then go back to the system you came from and land. You get something around 11M credits. I know it says you only get 15,000 at the mission computer but trust me, you get 11M when the mission is complete. Any comments you can Email me at Natewillard@hotmail.com and try to have the subject EV related cause I get a lot of junk mail. Thanks, and you're welcome.

Disablo Beam 2
44.00 kB | By Anonymous
16 votes. Add yours:

The new and improved Disablo Beam is now avalable. It seemed that the origanal caused problems, messed up the torpedos, caused people to grow extra limbs(Disablo Radiation). So if you have a problem with the new Disablo Beam 2.0 blame the Russians by emailing me at chillin_mickey@yahoo.com

19.00 kB | By Anonymous
8 votes. Add yours:

This update fixes a misn conflict between the BMC and the VellosFix plug. If you weren't able to get the Big Money mission, this update should fix the problem. The Big Money Cheat adds a station in the Tichel system which has the aforementioned Big Money mission, as well as very well-stocked shipyards and outfitters, and some paint outfits. Enjoy. : )

Reliant folder
1.90 kB | By Anonymous
29 votes. Add yours:

Reliant is a plug that I first designed for my little brother but decided to post it here. Anyway, Reliant is a cheat plugin that gets you 600,000,000 credits, just go to a nearby bar and accept the mission with Janet Weng, and go to port kane ad you get 600,000,000 credits! By wraith king

47.00 kB | By Anonymous
12 votes. Add yours:

Tired of taking those advanced missions in a weak little ship, then being destroyed before you can even get out of the system? This plug-in fixes that, adding an outfit called the Odd Armor, available everywhere for 10 credits per layer. Maxing this outfit out effectively makes you invincible, while only getting one or two makes you powerful, yet still vulnerable. 500 layers max for a total of 5000 credit cost, no weight. Tell me what you think! PSOCringe@comcast.net, be sure to put "Nova" in the subject line, or I will just delete it.

50M Credits Cheat
2.70 kB | By Anonymous
10 votes. Add yours:

A plugin for all of those cheaters out there who are tired of those plugins that make you work for your insane amounts of cash. Designed to be as quick and efficient as possible. Developed in Macintosh plugin format, conversion will be required for Windows users. By Consul Bob. Updated so as to resolve a small bug.

Shivas Bow.zip
944.00 kB | By Anonymous
24 votes. Add yours:

So, rumor has it there's a new invincible ship in town. Folks say it looks like a Vell-os Javelin, but suddenly, it's not there, and you get blown out of the sky from dead space. All right, folks, if you've ever wanted a Vell-os Javelin that could do the Monty Python, cloak, fire while cloaked, destroy just about anything, jump 50 systems in a single bound, have shields that laugh at those pitiful Raven's 4 Capacitor Pulse Lasers, armor that shrugs off those Hellhounds like they were BBs, carry 5000 tons of cargo, and generally beat the crap out of anything that dares to be stupid enough to attack it, all while having the option of being inertialess (for you Monty Python fans who just couldn't bear to have a Vell-os Javelin that can't do it,) suddenly you're in luck. Oh, and did I forget to mention the price? A scant nothing? And that it's worth somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple million? Talk about holding it's resale value. So, whether you want to do some ship trading and get a few million in pocket change, or you want to use this MAJOR CHEAT, you can have it right from the get-go, available at any shipyard this side of the galaxy. Offer void where prohibited tax, title, and license not included. I made this with EVNEW, sorry Mac users, but you're going to just have to convert. Questions and comments can be forwarded to pkrug539@dotnet.com, death threats can be forwarded to the White House. From the devious mind of Peter Kruger.

8.40 kB | By Anonymous
17 votes. Add yours:

NOW FOR WINDOWS! Made by the same guy who made the first Startwithanyship, and the original mac SWAS. This new version is bigger, badder and a MUST HAVE. Features Include: [-] 200+ NOVA Ships Variants. That's 150 more than the original! [-] 5 Million Credits in the beginning, as opposed to the 2 Million in the previous version! [-] Start off With a "Frightening" Combat Rating! [-] Variant names as seen on NPC's. Simply choose the ship you want when creating a new file under "Background" and Go! Then, when you're done, REMOVE THE PLUG. It's that easy. Any Questions? Contact me at my new e-mail bassman2k4@yahoo.com

42.00 kB | By Anonymous
14 votes. Add yours:

Head Start This plugin lets you start with 1 million Credits and a choice of a Leviathan, Raven, Auroran Carrier, Fed Carrier, Pirate Carrier, Rebel Destroyer, or Vell-os Javelin

Cloak Guns
1.30 kB | By Anonymous
32 votes. Add yours:

Cloaked Guns Have you ever tried to dominate a planets when your shields and armor arereally low and you just have to run away? Well, this is it. The cloaked guns. No mass,no payment needed. Now you can freely shoot other ships when they can't find you! Isn't that fun? This package include one beam and one gun that you can shoot while cloaking. It also has a cloaking device free and no mass as well included. Questions, comments at terry_fullysick@hotmail.com THANKS!

Planetary Domination Rewards
15.00 kB | By Anonymous
11 votes. Add yours:

This plug-in is designed to give added incentive for planetary domination: once dominated, the full range of technology (both ships and outfits) that planet has to offer will be available, regardless of which storyline you have completed. Also included is a "Cleaner" plug-in, which will remove any new ncbs, invisible outfits, and deactivate new missions if you choose to uninstall. See Read Me for full details. These are .rez files created with EVNEW, Mac users will need to convert them! Comments? Questions? Bugs? Send an email to slouch@stonerrock.net.

Useful hangers.sit
1.40 MB | By Anonymous
27 votes. Add yours:

This useful cheat plugin allows you to buy raven, krypt, wraith (adult), rebel dragon, manticore and thunderforge hangers for 1 credit and for 0 credits you can have up to 25 of each type. This is my first plug.

1.40 kB | By Anonymous
15 votes. Add yours:

This is my first plug-in for public release. It allows a new pilot to fly a Mod E Starbridge with 700 million credits in the bank. The Sigma missions are completed, giving access to the Sigma ships and the hypergates. This plug is not meant as a cheat plug however it could be used as one. I made this plug because I was frustrated with having to spend an hour or two making money. You can now jump into your favorite story line more easily. The Read Me contains important installation information.

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