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Multiwinia video tutorials are organized below by topic. QuickTime is required for playback.

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There are four spawn points, you have scores of troops, and the WMD must be defended from four attackers.

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Classic Capture the Flag, Multiwinian-style. On one of 7 maps, battle to conquer enemy flag points in succession, striving toward the enemy base. Once the base has been taken, that enemy is eliminated.

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Capture the Statue

Giant statues are placed at various points around one of nine maps. Your Multiwinian troops, while tiny and two-dimensional, are charged with hoisting the statues and carrying them over uneven terrain back to your spawn point - all while taking enemy fire!

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Play against your opponents and the clock - capture and hold as many bases as you can before time runs out. There are 9 maps from which to choose, with varying degrees of obstruction and complexity.

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King of the Hill

Your goal here is to occupy and hold as many zones around the map as possible, for as long as possible. You get points for every second your team has more troops in a zone than your foes.

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Rocket Riot

Your mission is threefold - gain control of solar panels positioned around the map that will power the rocket that waits to carry your Multiwinians out of the war zone; protect your rocket from the enemy Multiwinians seeking to thwart your launch; and once your rocket is fueled, load it full of your troops and blast off!

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