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35.00 MB | By Anonymous
57 votes. Add yours:

Monaco is one of the most famous and distinctive racing circuits in the world. The course passes through the narrow streets of Monte-Carlo for two miles, with some very tight corners and elevation changes. The plugin was the result of a collaboration involving half a dozen of RL's track-makers modelers (the RL-TMC -- Track Makers Cooperative). This is arguably the most complex plugin for RL and is likely to remain the most realistic simulation of a real track. Download it and take your favorite wheels for a spin on the Cote d'Azur... RL-TMC, 2008

Silverstone 1.1.redplug
16.00 MB | By Anonymous
25 votes. Add yours:

This is the Formula 1 track used by the British Grand Prix. The track was built on an old World War II airfield, so its very flat. However, there are few long straights here, you have to drive a tight line to get a fast time around all the combinations of curves. I put lots of scenery models in, with some significant help from thomm and djpimley, so there's plenty to look at as you fly around. Keep your eyes out for some interesting sights... Thanks are also due to slowDan for the skybox images and tons of track making modeling help, and C14ru5 for general track making tips. Version 1.1 is identical to 1.0, except that many textures were compressed, so 1.1 should run much faster than 1.0 for those with older Macs. Created by Pax-raider.

C14ru5 Spa-Francorchamps1.2
604.00 kB | By Anonymous
40 votes. Add yours:

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is a racing circuit in Belgium which plays a very important role in Formula 1 and Endurance racing history (perhaps only beaten by Monaco Grand Prix and Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe, respectively). The track is originally from 1924, although it saw a major redesign in 1979 for its reappearance in the Formula 1 World Championship. This redline plugin is modeled after the 2004 F1 layout, which together with Suzuka Circuit is considered one of the two most challenging track layouts in the world. Challenging, difficult, but also rewarding once you get the hang of it. For a more authentic racing challenge, use the two included weather types: Spa-Dry and Spa-Wet. They create gravel traps and bumpy curbs, which will surely keep you on your toes. You probably want to learn the track in a slower car, watch the AI and brake brake brake. You must learn to lose time, in order to avoid losing more time if you go off the track. Then move on to faster cars as you gain experience and learn the behavior of the track and the cars. Just don't get complacent, and you will start seeing consistent lap times. Thanks to thomm for the modeling, and thanks to the Redline community beta testers!

7.50 MB | By Anonymous
10 votes. Add yours:

This is a track in the style of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, but not the location. It's approximately 6.5km long with an elevation change of around 80m. Set (obviously!) in the Black Forest region of Germany. This is a (mostly) high speed circuit with a nicely cambered road to help you round the corners. Or punish you horribly if you get it wrong. This is the final update to 1.0. Enjoy! slowDan.

15.00 MB | By Anonymous
29 votes. Add yours:

Pembrey. The small flat Welsh race track with one of the best combinations of corners in the whole of the UK, this is also supposed to be one of the late Ayrton Senna's favourite circuits to test F1 cars.

10.00 MB | By Anonymous
13 votes. Add yours:

Whitehill 1.0b by Fuglz - This track was meant to be a real challenge. Long and twisty, up and down, sharp 180 degrees turns, leading to almost endless meters of safety zones. Feel your heart pumping as you drive to the dreaded Eyes of Zorro, and course as you spin out in Bastage Corner. Keep your hopes up, and you will eventually pass the finish-line. Victory.

546.00 kB | By Anonymous
33 votes. Add yours:

Don't Crash! In this awesome map you'll be lucky not to be hit head on by another car, because there's a straitaway where you drive in both directions and it can be pretty awesome. Great in both reverse and normal, best for net play and lots of players. Email:

52.00 kB | By Anonymous
2 votes. Add yours:

Small Road Rally: Based on Redline's Small Rally Track, with the big jump removed. This all paved track is a good test of a car's handling and a driver's skill.

MB Istanbul pubBeta1
5.00 MB | By Anonymous
11 votes. Add yours:

Istanbul Park is one of the newest racing circuits in F1. It is known to be one of the most challenging circuits of the season, because of it's alternating slow and fast corners. Furthermore it's one of the few circuits that are driven counter-clock-wise. This is my (yet quite simple) interpretation of the Instanbul Park. But it's very drivable and really challenging (can you get though corner 8 with 240km/h?). More info in the readme.

Bardagi Road v1.1.redplug
5.50 MB | By Anonymous
13 votes. Add yours:

Bardagi road v1.1 - By Fuglz(the new bird). A twisty but wide-roaded track, with a couple of smooth hills and elevations. A good track time with a fast car would be 1.00 min.

1.80 MB | By Anonymous
12 votes. Add yours:

The Gorge 1.0 My first Redline track. Probably best suited for high speed races in arcade mode (or Turbo). The AI drivers don't have a clue so if you want a challenge get online with it. Have fun! slowDan.

Jump Of Death
6.50 kB | By Anonymous
14 votes. Add yours:

The Jump Of Death - by Anders (the new bird) Fuglz. A small but difficult track I made with the redline Tool Chest, using the Default roadtype. It features a jump that, if failed, knocks you out of the race. To make the jump you'll probably need one of the faster cars, but it should be (barely) possible to make it even with a mini. It also contains some quite difficult turns, along with some other stuff I've been experimenting with, while using the track editor. I was not able to make an overview of the track, but since it's so small, an overview isn't really needed.

49.00 kB | By Anonymous
8 votes. Add yours:

Located outside Monterey, CA, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is a track that many racing games seek to implement correctly. Perhaps most known for its famous "Corkscrew" S-curve and its dramatic elevation change, Laguna Seca is a narrow track that rewards nimble cars with high downforce. This v1.5 implementation does seem to float mid air, and scenery is extremely sparse, but it is very accurately modeled. A must have for all racing fanatics!

14.00 MB | By Anonymous
12 votes. Add yours:

An interpretation of the Brands Hatch GP circuit. This adds one track to Redline, the 2.4 mile Brands Hatch GP circuit. This is my personal interpretation of the circuit based on one visit, lots of reference material, and much consulting of Google Earth for the details of the terrain. The circuit can easily be toured in a Golf GTI in under 1:54'00. Your mileage may vary.

Sandy Dragway1.0.0
451.00 kB | By Anonymous
24 votes. Add yours:

This was the first custom track made by a beta tester, developed as Redline was nearing public release. I started working on this track infrequently way back in beta 6 of Redline with the then uncompleted and unreleased developer tools. Read the included documentation for more information. Sandy Dragway 1.0.0 by Frinkruds.

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