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1.80 MB | By Anonymous
12 votes. Add yours:

The Gorge 1.0 My first Redline track. Probably best suited for high speed races in arcade mode (or Turbo). The AI drivers don't have a clue so if you want a challenge get online with it. Have fun! slowDan.

380.00 kB | By Anonymous
10 votes. Add yours:

SmugglersRun is a simple yet challenging track designed for Smuggler racing. The goal was to provide an even playing field for Vettes and Minis: Nice stretches, twisting tunnels, bumpy curves, and two pits for Minis to escape to. The map overlay has been omitted to further offset the Vette's advantage. (AI Vettes and AI Minis usually finish in a dead heat) Version 1.6 11/26/06 Submitted by HenryK and RM

Springfield Tunnel.redplug
469.00 kB | By Anonymous
9 votes. Add yours:

Long track based on jechter valley roadtypes. Simplier than Zaarocks valley, without too much obstacles but with some dangerous bumps and rails. Have fun with it!

476.00 kB | By Anonymous
5 votes. Add yours:

Long track with default roadtypes and overview and overview. Two points you must consider: those things won't fall if you don't crash into them, and some crashes in the trees tunnel would be the end of the race for you, or your opponent...

3.10 MB | By Anonymous
9 votes. Add yours:

Long track with default roadtypes and overview. This track is the best way to learn how to fly with space ship. But be carefull to not fall into the pit, I'm not sure you will ever go out!

Squirm II
11.00 kB | By Anonymous
3 votes. Add yours:

This is a basic Redline track where the AI are fast and the track is tight. Squirm II is fun to drive and easy to drive, but if you want a great lap time, you must focus.

Stratus GTS.redplug
2.80 MB | By Anonymous
5 votes. Add yours:

The 1971 Dodge Stratus GT-S, a fictitious muscle car plug by TH. Quick acceleration and lots of under-steer. The car feels heavy but the handling is predictable, even if you start to lose traction. This car does not include shadows and the windows are tinted black to make up for the lack of an interior model. First attempt at making a plug, but hopefully worth the download.

Stupid Signs
202.00 kB | By Haz
15 votes. Add yours:

Stupid signs for Redline.

Toyota Supra
2.90 MB | By Anonymous
6 votes. Add yours:

Plugin created by Andreu. This is the 1998 Turbo version of the sadly discontinued Toyota Supra, an icon in itself. This car is sexy. That's pretty much all there is to say about it. YEah it handles yadda yadda. Just drive it and see for yourself. Sweet ride. It needs adjustments, but once I get it right, it will really smoke! I hope this is 100 words! Enjoy!

117.00 kB | By Anonymous
15 votes. Add yours:

2005 Toyota MR2 Spyder. A light, nimble RWD convertible that makes for fun races against the Mini, Golf, or other cars of that class. As fun to drive in Simulation mode as it is in Turbo. Special care has been taken to make this model render well on slower machines. Enjoy! - RLaddict

Trabant 1.6
4.20 MB | By Anonymous
6 votes. Add yours:

The iconic 1964 Trabant 601, infamous for its reputation as possibly the worst car ever made. In fact in many ways the Trabant is ingenious in design and intelligent in manufacture, but it ain't a race car. Enjoy the Trabi experience in all 7 craptastic original colours. The Trabant 1.8T is a Trabant rerofitted with a 1.8L engine from an Audi TT for a ton of tyre-smoking fun.

USTCC Golf V1.2.redplug
1.70 MB | By Anonymous
8 votes. Add yours:

Oh Snap! It's the USTCC GTI V1.2! Besides featuring totally new wheels (compliments of A-rod), the handling is slightly massaged, the interior redone (sorry to Val for the last version-this should fix that), and the torque peak is lowered a tad. The result: one sweet handling, sweet driving ride. Enjoy, and safe driving!

valley track fixed
538.00 kB | By Anonymous
4 votes. Add yours:

This is a minor fix to the sample track in the Toolbox (whenever it's released). Simply, without this fix, the game will brutally crash when certain cars reach the tunnel. I don't exactly intend to release many other things, if any, but I will debug if people request. Contact redline [at] for more info.

Vauxhall Vectra BTCC
3.50 MB | By Anonymous
23 votes. Add yours:

Vauxhall Vectra BTCC 1.1 This is my version of the Vauxhall Vectra entered in the British Touring Car Championship this year. The car is run by VXR Racing for Vauxhall and constructed by Triple Eight Racing to the FIA Super 2000 rules as used in the World Touring Car Championship. I'm hoping this will be the first car in a new class for the Redline Racing League based on the same Super 2000 rules. Many thanks to X-trac for help with available gear ratios for this class of car. slowDan

VectorW8 v1.0
5.40 MB | By Anonymous
11 votes. Add yours:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Vector W8 was the first American super car produced from 1989 to 1993. It was manufactured by Vector Aeromotive (see Vector Supercars), and was designed by Gerald Wiegert, and David Kostka. The newest, and most advanced methods of manufacture were used in building the W8s, justifying the name "Aeromotive Engineering." Group C racing technology came into play with the aluminum honeycomb semi-monicoque, and roughly 5,000 aircraft specification rivets. Everything on the Vector was designed to last the life of the owner, given that the owner maintained the vehicle. The body was made largely of lightweight carbon kevlar, known for its strength, and lightness. Just 22 W8s were produced (17 customer cars and two pre-production cars, the prototype W2, and two prototype Avtech WX-3 with a mock up of the 7.0 liter DOHC TT engine evolution), the car retailing for up to 455,000 USD new (on today's used market they are available from less than 200,000, to well over 1,000,000) The car was based around a Rodeck resleevable V8 engine racing engine, coupled to a three-speed B+M modified transmission. The engine had twin turbochargers, which produced an advertised 625 hp (634 PS/466 kW) at 5700 rpm and 834 N·m (650 ft·lbf) of torque. The W8 had an estimated top speed of 200+ mph (338 km/h). However, in testing at the Bonneville Salt Flats, the W-2 reached 242 mph (389 km/h) with the less powerful Donovan block as reported by Top Wheels magazine. This was reached while still using the "high downforce" wing. Later aerodynamic testing further honed efficiancy bringing Cd. down to just .32 prior to DOT crash testing in Ann Arbor, MI. Some may notice the subtle changes to the body from the first car, through the later cars. These include the elimination of some gills, a lower front facia, and air splitter, revised rear wing, mirror intakes, and front grill. All in all, this lead to substantial downforce without needing the W-2's massive rear wing. Evidence of the aerodynamic capablities exsist today, as seen on a video on Jabbasworld, Youtube, and Nthimage. After the top speed testing was completed, no more Vector W8's were fitted with a removable glass roof, as buffeting occurred at those extreme speeds. The W8 was essentially an upgrade of the same company's earlier prototype, the Vector W2. Among the famous customers for the car was tennis star Andre Agassi, who had his car delivered for his birthday party. Late that night, he had an infamous incident when his car locked up, and spun during excessive speeds without all the necessary radiators installed. He was half way from his home towared Las Vegas. Vector claims that this is because he demended for his car before it could be finished, and he ignored their recommendations not to drive it until they could do the final work.[citation needed] Vector intended to follow the W8 with the Vector WX-3 and Vector WX-3R, but series production never got off the ground. Production of the W8 ended in 1993, when the company was illegally taken over by Megatech, but Wiegert won back the design copyrights, equipment, and remaining unsold cars, including the car in a VW museum in Germany. A red W8 made a rare appearance in the 1993 movie Rising Sun starring Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes. The car was owned by the character Eddie. Model created by Tyranitar Texture Mapping by Tyranitar Car File by Tyranitar Wheels by Danny L Special Thanks to DC Cars for their help and Support Special Thanks to the Beta Testers Special Thanks to General Antilles who sets a very high par No thanks to the idiot who decided to put a 3 speed in this thing

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