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Add-on Files

The Temple of the Pen 1.0.1
157.00 kB | By Anonymous
11 votes. Add yours:

Journey deep into the heart of an ancient temple built to an unknown deity. Defeat the guardians and the treasure is yours. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The guardians are numerous and powerful. Be prepared for a thousand defeats before the ultimate victory is yours. You'll need all your wits about you, as well as your piloting skills and a good measure of luck if you want to make it out alive. By gray_shirt_ninja. Version 1.0.1!

Project Multi Sketch
350.00 kB | By Anonymous
19 votes. Add yours:

Prepare for the ultimate SketchFighter 4000 Alpha Custom Map experience! From all corners of the globe the greatest SketchFighters have assembled to design the biggest, most challenging, mind bogglingly detailed SKF adventure ever to be spawned! Project Multi Sketch will have you exploring all sorts of creative environments forged from the minds of the project designers including wastelands, volcano's, factories, ice caverns, forests, table tops, dark caves, sandy beaches, underwater minefields and much more! So pour yourself a large glass of milk, pull your swivel chair close to your monitor, turn up the volume on your speakers and prepare to blast off on what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable SKF journey!

The Cathedral Of Chaos
150.00 kB | By Anonymous
15 votes. Add yours:

Upon returning home after obtaining the five legendary stars of the page, Sketch discovers that his best friend Scribbles has been taken captive by an evil organization know as Dark ink, uh... I mean Inc. (Darkness Incorporated), The group is made up of The Pen's most loyal servants, and there's no doubt that they have a devious plan to disrupt the balance of Sketchtopia up their sleeves! Once again, the services of Sketch are required! He must brave the horrors of the Cathedral Of Chaos (the headquarters of the organization) and rescue Scribbles from the clutches of the nasty lot. Sketch has proven his worth before, and with you helping him along the way, he can surely do it again! I hope you enjoy playing this map as much as I enjoyed making it. Silverwind.

The Epic Of Sketch V2.
51.00 kB | By Anonymous
8 votes. Add yours:

An updated version of the level with most of the glitches fixed. Help 'Sketch" the SketchFighter rocket become the most powerful drawing on the page by collecting five stars. How this makes him the most powerful drawing on the page God only knows, but it's still a pretty fun level.

The Sketchtopia Atlas
4.70 MB | By Anonymous
8 votes. Add yours:

This package contains a set of maps of every area of Sketchtopia, both single- and multi-player. They have been painstakingly reproduced at 1:4 scale, and show the world as it is when you first start the game. By Edwards.

Obstacle Course
52.00 kB | By Anonymous
7 votes. Add yours:

Sure, you can shoot. Anyone can blast their way through a SketchFighter level, it's not hard. But can you fly? The Obstacle Course is a challenging series of trials designed to test your flying prowess. Choose between two routes to the goal, each with its own unique challenges. Check your weapons at the door--they won't be necessary. Find your best time, beat your best time, beat it again. Find the secrets if you can. Enjoy!

38.00 kB | By Anonymous
16 votes. Add yours:

This is quite a long level that was built mainly to test out all the features in the editor. You also start out with no weapons as an added challenge.

Adventure Challenge
206.00 kB | By Anonymous
16 votes. Add yours:

Deep in the heart of Sketchtopia, can you find all five stars? The story may be overused, but this level is not! My best completion time is 44:43, and it is a very large level. Journey through a complex, detailed, habitat for all kinds of never-seen-before enemies like the xplode-pools, poisonous bugs, and guard patrols. Can you defeat the Spike Sphere, or venture into the Spider Kindom and defeat it's king? Includes an easy and hard version for different levels of ability. Hope you enjoy playing my epic! Good Luck, Klublex.

Race to the finish
27.00 kB | By Anonymous
9 votes. Add yours:

This is a "Reach the goal as fast as possible" map. Expect some twists though. Good luck. You're most certainly going to need it. A gray_shirt_ninja product.

The Coral Reef
63.00 kB | By Klublex
5 votes. Add yours:

A miraculous new environment has been discovered by the Sketch Squad! They have sent down a team to investigate, Sketch included. Some amazing life forms have been sighted, with some never-before seen creatures like the octopus, sea urchin, and giant squid! But the investigation crew can't stay too long, there's not enough oxygen down in the coral reef for them, and in their hurry to get back to the surface, Sketch is left behind!

You must help him find a way out, but before he can, he must adventure throughout the whole reef. Will he ever make to the surface, even with your help? Packed with bunches of new creations and amazing scenery, foolproof and free of mistakes, and with an epic full size of 440 kb, this level is sure to be a highlight in your Sketchfighter adventures.

My record time is 18:36, but a first-time exploration would take about 40 minutes I expect. Also, I highly recommend reading the ReadMe; it contains a very useful bestiary that gives lots of helpful hints about your new ocean creatures, but still doesn't give anything away. I hope you have as much fun playing one of my best levels yet as I had making it. Enjoy! -Klublex

Forest Map
67.00 kB | By Anonymous
4 votes. Add yours:

This is a smallish, fairly simple map that i made to try out an idea. It's pretty linear, so no walkthrough this time. You'll find all that you need to. Be warned that this level has an extremely high number of sprites in it in some places, so it won't run well on some machines. You can contact me as PiSketch on the forums, if necessary.

Who Turned Off The Lights ?!
77.00 kB | By Azzam & Fikri
3 votes. Add yours:

Beware...don't get die tryin'!

The Great Pumpkin
93.00 kB | By Anonymous
6 votes. Add yours:

A somewhat smallish level with a Halloween theme and plenty of, um, eye candy. And by sheer coincidence, this is my 13th level. Lamkin

Spiky Boss Arena
4.80 kB | By Anonymous
6 votes. Add yours:

This is a boss fight with a spectacularly spiky area to fight in. I made out of sheer boredom on a rainy afternoon. Surprisingly, it's pretty fun! by gray_shirt_ninja

The five seasons v1.0.0
189.00 kB | By Anonymous
7 votes. Add yours:

"The five seasons" is a big SketchFightert 4000 Alpha custom level which should only be played with a lot of time. It consists of, as you may have already thought of, the five different SketchFighter "seasons". Each of them has its own challenges, because some of them could be too hard for some users there is an "Easy" and a "Hard" file included. Big parts of the map concept had been made before Sketchfighter was released, so don't expect too much! Author: Jonas "Freq245" Mirwald

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