Ambrosia announces Holiday Bundle Sale: 6 Killer Games for $19!

Posted Dec 18 2008, 05:17 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- December 18, 2008 -- Ambrosia Software is celebrating its 15th year in business by putting a collection of its most popular games on sale at a fantastic holiday price.  Ambrosia's 15th Anniversary Holiday Bundle Sale features a collection of six games for only $19, a $123 value! The package, which can be purchased from now till midnight on Dec. 24, includes the Ambrosia best-sellers Apeiron, Redline, Bubble Trouble, Darwinia, Aki Mahjong, and SketchFighter.


"This is an amazing price for such a collection of killer games," said Andrew Welch, Ambrosia's el presidente. "Everyone in the office thinks I'm crazy, but I wanted to offer a really great deal to our users as a way of saying thanks for their support over the years."

Is it the madness of King George? Did someone spike the el Presidente's eggnog? Or did his heart just grow three times that day? Who cares! Run, do not walk, to collect your dram of holiday cheer!

Click here to read the full story...

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Ambrosia iPhone game sale continues through the holidays!

Posted Dec 3 2008, 07:04 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- December 3, 2008 -- Ambrosia Software starts the holidays right by putting all of its iPhone/iPod Touch games on sale for 99 cents through December.   We had originally only thought of doing it for the week of black friday, but with customer comments and thank you's we would like to show our thanks to all our fans and continue the sale through December!



Click here for more info...

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Ambrosia in Indonesia

Posted Sep 9 2008, 08:55 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- September 9, 2008 -- Ambrosia Software is a truly international company, it's software has literally made it's way to every continent on the planet. This includes Antarctica, where we were happy to hear that EV Nova, and many of our games and utilities have been used by the scientists during the cold long stay. To add to the ever growing list of areas, we recently found that our company was written up in a book found in Indonesia. The book, "Leopard Genius" by Jack Popo written in "berbahasa Melayu", which is the Malay language. Ambrosia's WireTap Studio and Snapz Pro X are the two products mentioned in the book.

To see more about this book click the link below:

To add one more interesting layer to this story, we'd like to share with the readers how the package came to us. In the true native way, it was covered in Indonesian stamps.

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Ambrosia Shirts keeping the troops fashionable

Posted Sep 8 2008, 09:13 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- September 8, 2008 -- Ambrosia is proud to say that we support all the troops, be they over seas or defending the US at home. Many care packages have been sent out, and gifts given to military user groups across the world. It always makes us happy to hear that these soldiers are using and enjoying the little things we sent them. It was great to see an email to the PR department showing one of the men working on the AWACS happily showing off the Ambrosia fashion.

To see more pics, or to learn more please visit our webforum:

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Ambrosia Releases mondo Top 5 Solitaire for the iPhone & iPod Touch

Posted Sep 3 2008, 08:18 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- September 3, 2008 -- Ambrosia Software, Inc. today announced the release of the $2.99 "mondo Top 5 Solitaire" game for the iPhone. For solitaire lovers who want just the most popular games, but done in a professional, easy to use, and fun interface, this is the solitaire game for you!

Check it out here now!

mondo Top 5 Solitaire takes the five most popular solitaire games from our massive "mondo Solitaire" game for the iPhone, and makes them available to you at a very affordable $2.99 price! Mondo Top 5 Solitaire uses the fantastic solitaire gaming engine in "mondo Solitaire" to bring you FreeCell, Golf, Klondike, Pyramid, and Spider.

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