Support Everything! The Legacy of Apeiron

Posted May 22 2006, 07:11 PM

Rochester, NY -- May 22nd, 2006 -- Writer for O'Reilly Mac DevCenter , Joshua Scott Emmons, recently interviewed Ambrosia's own PR Guru John Champlin on the latest release of the ever-addictive game Apeiron X.

They discuss the latest update of the game, what makes Ambrosia and it's fans as great as they are, as well as what has made this game one of the most popular game in the history of the Mac.

Please take a moment to read the full article here:
Support Everything! The Legacy of Apeiron


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EV: Nova BoardGame and Expansion Packs 50% Off!

Posted Apr 7 2006, 06:45 PM

Rochester, NY -- April 7th 2006 -- What's Better than being able to take EV Nova with you on a laptop? Taking the game with you without carrying around a laptop. That's right DGA Games in conjunction with Ambrosia Software is offering Escape Velocity Nova the expandable Sci-Fi board game.

This is an exciting new expandable card game based on our extremely popular game EV Nova. Enter a vast galaxy of interstellar adventure and trade, but be prepared for hours (upon hours) of fun. This game intricately weaves adventure, trade, political conflict, military tactics, and strategy together to give you the best of what makes Ambrosia's computer game a classic, and what makes the DG Associates Card Gaming Systems so ground breaking! Unlike other board games, this card-driven game is not only re-playable but expandable to no game will be every the same. In this dangerous galaxy of EV nova the more options you have, the better. Choose from 5 different types of expansion packs, each with 8 variations of content to help you dominate the universe. With 600+ unique cards you can customize your decks to defeat any and all opponents! There is almost nothing you can do in the computer game that is not represented in this game, and yet, it is still simple enough for an 8 year old player to understand.

And what makes this game even more tantalizing is that Ambrosia is offering All these products for 50% off their regular selling price. The EV Nova Board game and all the expansion packs can be purchased for half of what they would normally cost. So, now is the time to conquer the EV universe and get all these great products while our supplies last.

Will you seek treasures alone, or try to tip the balance of political power in the universe to control it all? The choice is yours in this addictive fast past card-driven board game. These items and more can be purchased via the Ambrosia secure online store while supplies last.

 No Longer Available

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A Holiday Tale from Ambrosia

Posted Dec 22 2005, 09:16 PM

The following new article have been posted to our online newsletter, The Ambrosia Times:

In the spirit of the holidays Ambrosia Software's PR and resident goofball, John Champlin, has written a holiday tale to warm the spirits and infuse some laughter this season. Inspired by the great Dr. Suess, John took a different spin on a classic tale and has written and illustrated a short story entitle "How Hector Stole Christmas". Based on the loving but often times nefarious Mascot of the Ambrosia office, the African Grey Parrot named Hector.

Please take a moment to read the newsletter, and from all of us here at Ambrosia Software, we wish you the happiest holidays, and a safe New Years!


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Add yourself to the Ambrosia map

Posted Oct 28 2005, 08:19 PM

Click here and add yourself to the map Ambrosia Software, Inc. forum members map! Let's see if we can get as many Ambrosia Software, Inc. forum members as possible to sign up! Testing a link:

Scroll down to Add Yourself. Then, enter your web board forum handle, zipcode, and a comment under "shootout" and you'll be added to the map! You can even add a picture if you choose to.

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Ambrosia struts its stuff at MacWorld/SF

Posted Jan 5 2005, 09:44 PM

Ambrosia Software, Inc. invites you to visit our booth #2423 at the MacWorld expo in San Francisco, CA. Ambrosia will be showing our award winning video capture utility Snapz Pro X, our newly released audio capture utility WireTap Pro, as well as providing hands-on demonstrations of our upcoming games Gooball, Redline, Darwinia, and el Ballo.

For more information, please go here:

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