Multiwinia, a game of stick-man slaughter now available!

Posted Mar 5 2009, 02:25 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- March 5, 2009 -- Ambrosia Software is happy to announce the immediate release of Multiwinia, our new real-time online strategy war game for Macintosh.

Multiwinia features furiously-paced action and a beautifully rendered landscape populated with digital stick men ready to follow your orders to destroy their opponents.

Darwin is dead. Prepare for war

Click here:

Tutorials for game play can be found here:


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Aquaria is "the most compelling, engrossing, beautiful game" says The Mac Gamer

Posted Dec 2 2008, 08:16 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- December 2, 2008 -- The reviews for Ambrosia's latest underwater adventure game have been flowing in (pun intended), and it seems they all have one thing in common. This game is loved by all who take the time to play it! M. James Peders of has offered very impressive words about this game, that it just had to be shared with the Ambrosia readers.

He writes:
"Aquaria is quite possibly one of the most compelling, engrossing, beautiful games that I have played in a very long time. This game is smooth like melted butter on toast. It is deeper than the Mariana Trench. It is adventure-gaming crack. It will get you hooked, and you will find yourself staring at the computer, blurry-eyed, hours after you started, still trying to find new caves to explore. Aquaria is that good."

Click here to read the full review...

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Ambrosia Releases Aquaria, the Epic Underwater Fantasy Game

Posted Nov 13 2008, 05:55 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- November 13, 2008 -- Ambrosia Software has taken to the seas and released Aquaria for the Macintosh, an epic 2D, side-scrolling underwater adventure game offering puzzles, exploration, and combat. Drop-dead gorgeous to look at and edge-of-your-seat exciting to play, Aquaria is packed with creativity, action, and innovation.

Aquaria is centered around Naija, an undersea dweller seemingly alone in a vast ocean world teeming with life - some friendly, some not. Players seek to unlock the myriad secrets that comprise Naija's past while defeating or outwitting the various ancient and powerful creatures she encounters in the azure depths of Aquaria.

Immerse yourself in the free trial today:

Aquaria for Macintosh is available today for $30 from Ambrosia's online store, with a 30-day free trial version available for immediate download.

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Ambrosia Releases mondo Top 5 Solitaire for the iPhone & iPod Touch

Posted Sep 3 2008, 08:18 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- September 3, 2008 -- Ambrosia Software, Inc. today announced the release of the $2.99 "mondo Top 5 Solitaire" game for the iPhone. For solitaire lovers who want just the most popular games, but done in a professional, easy to use, and fun interface, this is the solitaire game for you!

Check it out here now!

mondo Top 5 Solitaire takes the five most popular solitaire games from our massive "mondo Solitaire" game for the iPhone, and makes them available to you at a very affordable $2.99 price! Mondo Top 5 Solitaire uses the fantastic solitaire gaming engine in "mondo Solitaire" to bring you FreeCell, Golf, Klondike, Pyramid, and Spider.

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Ambrosia Software, Inc. Releases WireTap Anywhere

Posted Aug 14 2008, 07:02 PM

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- August 14, 2008 -- Ambrosia Software, Inc. announced today the release of WireTap Anywhere, which is being presented in Ambrosia's booth (#313) at the 2008 New Media Expo in the Las Vegas Convention Center. This professional, low latency audio tool lets you take the audio output from any Mac application or hardware input device and bring it into your favorite audio recording application.

A free trial of WireTap Anywhere can be downloaded here:

Best of all, mix any combination of applications and input devices into a single, logical device. Simply select the software or hardware inputs you want, and WireTap Anywhere will handle the rest. WireTap Anywhere: Tap it anywhere.

WireTap Anywhere costs $129, is a Universal Binary, and requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later.

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